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How to Manually Close a Mustang Convertible Top – That Easy!

If you own a Mustang convertible top car and messed up with the top while lifting or lowering it, then this article is here to save the day for you.

It's nice to have a car with a convertible top, as you can enjoy a breezy driving experience. But sometimes dealing with the top can give you a headache.

If you want to know how to do you put the top down on a Mustang convertible top, then keep reading.

What is a convertible top of GT mustang: Overview

Before knowing how to manually put down a convertible top, you should know what it is all about. Then the rest of the job will be much easier for you.

A convertible top is the kind of car that has the feature of a roof cover. That means you can drive it either with the top on or off.

It’s totally up to your preference whether to enjoy an open-air ride without the top or not.

Do you know, what is mustang convertible top made of? Here is all the information to check on.

The manufacturing of this is done with the material made of OEM Haartz Sailcloth Vinyl and they manufactured the windows with heated glass.

The USA manufacturing company uses the outside layers of PVC Sailcloth and Single textured Vinyl and cotton fabrics linings as the main materials for the top.

The working mechanism behind a convertible top:

If you are thinking how does a Mustang convertible top work? Then let's know the science behind this.

Like some other machines, it works through the system of the hydraulic pump. The convertible top contains a pump for lifting or lowering the top cover.

It gets a power supply from the switches near the driving seat. So when someone presses the switch, the pump starts pumping the fluid to the cylinders to create a movement for the top.

How to put the top down on a mustang convertible?

The steps depend on the variety and features of the model that you have. If you have an old one like 2004 then the procedure is a little bit different than the new additions like 2016.

Steps for new versions like 2015-2020:

If you are worried about how do you lower the top on a 2019 mustang convertible top or how to put the top up on a mustang, then you are in the right place. Here are the steps to help you.

Step 01:

At first, stop the car and make sure that the engine is still on to prevent battery discharge.

Step 02:

For parking, shift your gear stick or gear selector to “park” mode. If the ignition is still not on then turn the crankshaft for rotating the engine.

Step 03:

Look at the top of the car and you will find a handlebar. Pull it down and rotate it clockwise until you hear the sound of that lock is being free.

Step 04:

Along with the handlebar, there will be two buttons. One is with the forward-facing arrow and the other one downward.

After releasing the convertible top from the rest of the car, you have to press the back button once to lower the side windows.

Step 05:

To open the convertible top, push the back button. You can see the top lid is opening.

Step 06:

Closing the top is pretty simple. You just need to press the forward arrow button down till the lid comes back up.

The cover will slowly move forward. When it completely covers the car then you will go for the next step.

Step 07:

To lock it, you need to grab the bar again and push it down a little. Then simply rotate it anti-clockwise.

Stop moving and push the handle back up, when you'll hear the sound of the Mustang convertible top cover is being locked again. Roll your side windows and it's done.

Steps for the old version like 1994-2004:

Though the steps are pretty much the same as the new version. But there are some differences between the features.

These steps will show you how to close Mustang convertible top manually for an older one like 1998 or 2004.

Step 01:

Stop driving the car, keep the ignition turned on just like the previous one.

Step 02:

Get your car in parking mode with the help of the gear selector. Then set the hand brake

Step 03:

You will see the convertible latches close to the visor placed on the windshield header.

After setting the hand breaks, make the latches free by unhooking them. Push the roof a little bit.

Step 04:

Keep your side and quarter windows low with the help of the master switches near the driving seat.

Step 05:

You will find a back and forth button with pointing ‘’up’’ and ‘’down’’ arrows. These are the Mustang convertible roof button.

When you see the top is not any longer attached to the windshield, press the up button. Continue pressing that until the cover is open.

Step 06:

You have to follow the exact same steps to drop the top. Follow these instructions.

Simply press the down switch and you will see the cover is coming towards the windshield. Before the lid and the windshield touches each other, ensure to pull down the latch handles.

Step 07:

When it's fully stored, leave the switch. Pull the latches down to make them connect with the windshield.

Check if it's properly locked or not. If it's stored then you can enjoy the ride with the closed top.

How do you close the convertible top by hand?

Are you wondering how do you close a drop top by hand? or how to prep your pump for replacement?

Don’t worry If the hydraulic motor of your GT mustang is not doing its job correctly. You just need to follow some steps to up or down your convertible top with bare hands.

The best thing you can do in this situation is to take out the old motor and replace it with the new one. Before that, you need to prepare to make the pump ready for replacement.

Here are the steps to pull you out of this situation:

Step 1:

First, you have to raise the top then place the piston one by one and pull out the cotton pins and bushings. Make sure to hold it according to the frame.

Step 2:

After doing that leave the rod with the help of the piston for connecting it to the frame.

Step 3:

Then you have to finish locating the pump and disconnecting a line. But remember to have something that can hold the liquid coming out of it.

Step 4:

Now get the top down with your hands. The compression of the pistons will happen because of the fluid leaking.

Then separate the rod from the frame by detaching it from the pistons.

Step 5:

Now raise the top again. It won't feel that heavy like the first time.

Reconnect the line on the pump and attach all the parts that you took off earlier.

Summed Up in a chart:

You will find all the instructions on the dash about opening and closing the convertible top. But here are all the steps given in a short chat to give you a more specific idea.

How to manually open a mustang convertible top

How to manually close a mustang convertible top

Stop the car but keep the ignition on

Stop driving but keep the engine on

Set the hand brake keeping it in parking mode

Set the hand brake keeping it in parking mode

Pull the rotating handle to unlock the latches.

Lower all the windows and press the forward button.

Rotate the handle clockwise and release the lock

Continue pressing the button until the top touches the windshield.

Push the back button to lower the windows.

Pull the rotating handle down.

Keep pressing the button until the top completely comes off.

Rotate the handlebar anti-clockwise till it's fully locked again.

Problems you may face while closing

Do you have that question in your mind that, “why my convertible top won't work?” or “why does my convertible top get stuck?” stop worrying about that.

There some reasons behind these problems:

  • The cylinder of that top may be gone bad or no more fit for use.
  • If the convertible top goes up but not down then the reason can be fuse burning.
  • If it gets stuck in between then the reason would be a worn-out cylinder or damaged cable.
  • You need to replace the hydraulic pump or if it won’t go up.
  • You might face these problems if the limit switch needs a replacement or the top relay is not working.
  • Leakage in the hydraulic line or weak cylinder can also be the cause of the convertible top problems.


If all the parts and the wiring of your Mustang GT are completely ok but still your Mustang convertible top won't go up or down, then you might goof up with the steps.

Things you need to keep in mind while closing or opening the top:

  • You always have to stop the car while working with the convertible top. Because it works when the car is not moving or at a very low speed like under 5 kmh.
  • Keep the engine on to protect the battery.
  • If you see the cover shrinks a little bit because of cold weather, just pull the latches for a faster motion.
  • Before the cover is about to touch the windshield, drag down the latches in a free position.
  • In the case of the new one like the 2020 Mustang convertible top operation, don't mess up with the direction of the handlebar.
  • Don't press the switches too hard.


The best part about a Ford mustang is its convertible top. But sometimes it gets stuck in between or the top may show some troubles to go down or up.

But if you follow the given steps correctly then you might not face any of these problems.Still if your all these efforts go to vain, better try getting a replacement.

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