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How to Remove Adhesive from Car Paint – Now You Know !

Many people apply stickers or decals on their car to decorate, express personality, or some political views. It is very common nowadays. Sometimes people do that intentionally on other cars for advertising some products.

Well, lucky for you that stickers’ removal is an easy task. They do not last forever but leave adhesive residues which demolish the car’s look. The paint of your cars will not get affected if you are careful during the process.

Do you want to know how to remove adhesive from car paint? Follow us through this article to learn the whole process of removal of the adhesives.

Simplest Way

Often wonder how to get off these stickers from your car paint? Good news for you. The solution is in your house. Using dish soap is the most common way of sticker removal.

 To get the optimum result, you have to scrape off the sticker first. It will remove maximum residue. Do not use any hard materials for this, or else paint could get off. Then you must mix the dish soap with hot water.

The reason is hot water will give heat and moisture to the surface to soften the sticky residue.  Get a clean rag to soak in the soap water mixture. Then rub it with your hand on the sticky surface.

After you are done with that, use another wet rag soaked with normal water for finishing the leftover. Lastly, you can get a dry cloth to wipe the area.

Use a Fabric Softener

Removing the stickers will be easy if you a fabric softener as a sticky residue remover. First, you have to prepare a mixture with hot water in a 50:50 ratio. But keep a close look if the mixing is complete in-depth or not.

Then you can use a clean rag to soak into the liquid and wipe it on those sticky areas. After some time, the adhesive will get off automatically, or you can pull it off easily. It is often a time-consuming process.

If you fail in removing stickers from the car, then use it as a secondary option. That is because fabric softeners are pretty mild to get you to succeed in the first attempt.

You can Use Gasoline!!!

Does this sound crazy to you? But believe us, it is not as crazy as it sounds. Suppose you see an old sticker on the car and remove it, but nothing is available around. What will you do?

Well, you can use gasoline. Mainly, it is famous a fuel of vehicles. But sometimes gasoline can be used as an adhesive remover.

At first, get a soft cotton rag because of its higher absorption power. But be careful while pouring it. Try not to get your hands to come in contact with the liquid.

Then you rub the rag into the adhesive surface. But do it within a few minutes before the gasoline evaporates. Your car paint might come off while the gasoline evaporates from the body.

After removing the adhesive residues, wash your hands properly because it can harm your skin.

Heat is the Universal Way

If the sticker has too much glue in it, then how to remove a sticker from the car? Heat is the most obvious option. It can remove pretty much all kinds of residues. First, you have to wash the sticky area with soap water to avoid uncertain abrasion.

Then apply heat to the surface. This will loosen up the adhesives. You can scrape them now. If any residue is left, use a hard plastic card to scrape.

You can also use it in removing 3M adhesive as it is a powerful one. The average washing process will not be able to remove them from car paint.

Adhesives from Decals

Mainly, decals are the logos or graphics of any individual company or something else. But the removal of decals is more challenging than usual ones. Because they use thicker glues to ensure long time attachment. Then how to remove car decals adhesives?

The quickest and simplest way is using a heat gun and a wet cotton rag. Again, a hairdryer can also do the job.

At first, heat up the surface enough that it softens the residues. But you have to care about overheating. That is because a professional heat gun produces much heat that car paint would fall off.

Nonetheless, after heating, use the wet rag to scrape them. It is recommended that you use your hands in removing.

Sometimes hot thicker gules will stick to your fingers if you try to remove them with bare hands.

Adhesives from Stickers

Stickers leave a thinner layer of adhesives compare to decals. Often, they get dried, but it is not too hard to remove them. Then how to remove dried adhesive from car paint?

You can use rubbing alcohol in the process. After getting a clean rag, soak it with alcohol. Then rub it on the car’s surface. Residues will easily come off.

Again, you could use window cleaner. Spray it on the adhesives, then use a razor blade to scrape them. But keep it in your mind that you should scrape with too much strength.

Instead of heating, you can use ice to soften the stickers’ adhesive. Then use the blade to remove them from the surface.

You can also use some commercial sticky remover for stickers. Those are not much costly.

Last Resort!

Sometimes you won’t find any commercial removal products. What will you do then!

You can use tree sap or nail polish as a glue remover for your car. Adhesive and tree sap are pretty much the same in their properties.

If other processes are working out, then use tree sap to remove residues. But many people might find it harmful to paint. It will not do any damage if you follow the manual instructions.


We briefly discuss several methods of adhesive removal from car paint. We assume you acknowledge the answer to the question of how to remove adhesive from car paint. Carefully follow these techniques for your car. Wish you a bit of good luck.

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