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Best Mustang Convertible Top Replacement – [Top 8 out of 1686] Review & Buying Guide [2021]

Mustangs have always been a favorite for any gearhead. They have a sleek body and enough horsepower to back that look. One of the best features Mustangs have is their convertible top. But finding the perfect convertible top replacement for your Mustang can be a bit challenging. To help you find the best one, we’ve listed eight contenders for the title of the best Mustang convertible top replacement.

Convertible tops are something that lets your ride shine. You can switch form a formal to an informal look whenever you want within seconds. But the problem with them is they can get damaged easily. For this reason, it’s vital to find a replacement which will last a long time while being suitable to your taste.

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Finding the car that suits your taste is hard enough. So many find it a hassle when looking for a convertible top replacement. To make things easy for you, we combed out the best eight convertible top replacements. We didn’t only list their names but also pointed out our reasons for considering them.

Once you are done with this article, you’ll be able to find the perfect top. We’ve made sure to select the best among the best. Such a claim may seem baseless to you, but you’ll understand why we claim such once you read the article.

1.AutoBerry FM-05-13-Black Convertible Top (2005-14)

Redefine your Mustang with the help of AutoBerry. They are well known for their top-quality convertible tops. In fact, their FM-05-13-Black is considered the best mustang convertible top replacement by many users. The top is sturdy and has pre-drilled retainers. This makes installing them easy and simple.

With a gorgeous finishing, the top will also fit perfectly with any of the Mustang models from 2005-2014. For the windows, heat sealing is utilized. This may be a problem for a few, but it still is a reliable way to protect the interior. The design is a bit different from the stock top, but it’s a good thing. Nobody wants to change a top and still look the same now, do they?

What Sets This Apart

  • The retainers are pre-assembled, which saves you installation time
  • Edges of the top are tightly sealed and trimmed
  • For windows, heated glass is used for maximum sturdiness
  • The strength of the windowpanes are DOT rated
  • Perfect top replacement for the new Ford Mustangs 2004-2014


  • The trim edge helps to keep the water out
  • Stylish design, which is an upgrade to the stock top
  • Similar dimensions to the stock top
  • Easy to set up as the retainers are pre-drilled


  • Set-up instructions aren’t entirely self-explanatory
  • Windows utilize heat sealing instead of advanced bonding


FM-05-13-Black is by far the best convertible top replacement for Mustangs. The vinyl is light, durable, and precisely manufactured. Such a gorgeous design will help you stand out not in a weird but sophisticated way.

2.Sierra Auto Tops 10-11-MUS-023 Convertible Soft Top (2005-2014)

In the market of auto tops, Sierra is a well-known name. They are primarily famous for their auto tops. The brand they are mostly known for is Mustang. And among the innumerable tops by them, the best one is 10-11-MUS-023. This is a gorgeous and reinforced vinyl top. It has a compact form factor that suits any mustang from 2005-2014.

Similar to the last one, the vinyl sailcloth top has pre-drilled retainers. This makes it so that you can install this top onto your car all by yourself. There’s no need to depend on others. The sailcloth vinyl used is the same one that Ford Mustang officially uses. But the significant difference between the stock top and this is the stock one isn’t as modern as this one.

What Sets This Apart

  • Sailcloth vinyl similar to the stock top is used
  • Heated window is properly reinforced for keeping the interior dry
  • Finishing is identical to the stock Mustang tops
  • The top, when installed, gives a modern aesthetic look to the car


  • Interior of the top is layered with polyester/cotton lining fabric
  • The top is fitted with a window that’s heated
  • Vinyl exterior helps in regulating the heat inside the car
  • One can easily install the top by themselves as the retainers are pre-drilled


  • As the material is the same as the stock, it’s not that durable
  • Not a drawback! But, still, the design of the top is close to the stock, so it isn’t unique


The brand is accused of putting the original top to shame. The product which made it possible is none other than 10-11-MUS-023. So in our opinion, it is a suitable option if you don’t care about the durability that much.

3.Sierra Auto Tops 10-11-MUS-005 Convertible Soft Top(1994-2004)

Sierra Auto Tops 10-11-MUS-006 is designed to give the Ford Mustang a look to be envious of. It is compatible with all Mustangs from 1994-2004. Single texture sailcloth vinyl has been used for manufacturing the top. This makes it comparatively durable and more robust. It also includes a tinted and defroster wire embedded glass window.

For weather sealing, a rubber seal is sewn at the edges. This helps keep the water out and doubles as an excellent noise dampener for the external noise. The windows are bonded via an advanced bonding system for maximum reinforcement. Such a system eliminates the need for piping, stitching, or any heat seal. To top it all off, the design is also elegant and will suit any Mustangs from 1994-2004.

What Sets This Apart

  • The dimensions are perfect and fit all cars from 1994-2004
  • Window glass is tinted and defroster wire embedded for max shade
  • Weather sealant is an adequate sealing agent and also a noise dampener
  • Rubber weather seal helps in blocking the water
  • It also helps in temperature regulation inside the car


  • Its perfect fit makes it the ideal replacement top for almost all Mustangs
  • Advanced window bonding system further betters the reinforcement
  • Installation process is easier when compared to other Sierra Auto Tops
  • As the window section is void of stitches and piping, the edges are smooth


  • Though the sailcloth is durable, the window bonding isn’t that durable
  • As it is made with specific models in mind, the top’s not versatile


Even though the durability of the actual top is excellent, the 10-11-MUS-006 isn’t a suitable option for a humid climate. So, if you live in a humid country where rain is a daily occurrence, this convertible top is unsuitable. Otherwise, this is one of the best convertible top replacements you can get for your Mustang.

4.AutoBerry AB-007-FM-CT-Black Convertible Soft Top (1994-2004)

AB-007-FM-CT-Black by AutoBerry is a satisfactory solution if you are looking for Mustang convertible tops. While being a gorgeous top, it is compatible with Mustang models of 1994-2004. The material used for manufacturing the product is one which most Ford users prefer - Sailcloth Vinyl. Moreover, to make the installation process easy, pre-assembled accessories are included with the convertible top. If that’s not enough, one can request installation guidelines upon purchase.

The downside is the top window. It’s made of plastic. But don’t fret as the plastic used is heavy 40-gauge press polish plastic. Such high-quality plastic offers superior visibility while keeping the water at bay. To counter any water leakage, the window is adequately sealed. The factor that sealed its spot on our list is its design. The top is a perfect choice for those who want a factory-like replacement for their car.

What Sets This Apart

  • The material of the top is identical to the factory style sailcloth vinyl
  • Packaging of the top comes with pre-assembled parts
  • The top window is made of 40-gauge plastic, making it light and durable
  • Despite the plastic top, it has excellent resistance towards heat and water


  • Quality of the build is close to flawless as it maintains the factory standards
  • Pre-assembled parts make it easy to be installed by a single person
  • Plastic top window allows the convertible top to be light
  • The dimensions are perfect for any Mustang from 1994-2004


  • No installation guide is included with the product
  • As the window isn’t made of glass, it’s not scratch-resistant


Though most convertible tops use heated glass for the window section, the AB-007-FM-CT-Black uses plastic. Such a thing may not be a significant factor for many. But this does lower the durability of the top overall. If you are looking for a quick replacement, this top is a suitable option.

5.AutoBerry AB-L6-V0M5-MKW2-BL Convertible Soft Top (1994-2004)

Another one of AutoBerry’s convertible tops is the AB-L6-V0M5-MKW2-BL convertible soft top. Similar to other AutoBerry products, this one is also noteworthy. The material used is sailcloth vinyl. This provides the top with a smooth yet textured exterior. Using vinyl also increases the durability of the top. You are sure to stand out in a crowd if you have this pitch-black convertible top.

If this product has any downsides, then it is its installation difficulty. But the design isn’t that different from the stock top. So you won’t have to worry that much. Moreover, the top is also fitted with a window. Unlike the last AutoBerry top, this one has a glass window. The window is heated glass and sealed tightly. This helps in countering water leaks.

What Sets This Apart

  • Design of the top is identical to the stock top for Mustangs
  • The material used is sailcloth vinyl, and this helps in resisting heat
  • For sealing the window in place, rubber sealant is used
  • Piping is done for the side window section
  • Any Mustang from 1994-2004 is compatible with this top


  • Installation guidelines are included with the product
  • Perfect fit for Mustang due to the OEM design
  • The deck seams are done on the inside to prevent tear
  • Heated glass and sailcloth vinyl makes the top heat resistant


  • Though installation instructions are included, it is hard to install
  • The driver side of the top gets pinched near the window


The AB-L6-V0M5-MKW2-BL is identical in design to the original Ford Mustang convertible tops. But the functionalities are better than the original. It is the perfect top for having a durable top while rocking the classic Mustang look.

6.AutoBerry MA389 Convertible Soft Top (1994-2004)

MA389 may be the last AutoBerry product on the list, but it’s not the least. This product has the potential of being one of the best. Unlike most other AutoBerry products, this one comes in white. Other than that, the top is made of the same material as other tops. Original sailcloth vinyl gives the top a textured exterior. This allows the heat to stay out of the car and keep the inside cool.

As for the top window, DOT-approved heated glass is used. This makes the heat resistance capabilities more potent. To make sure the glass is tightly sealed, rubber edges are utilized. Such a seal while countering leakage doubles as a noise dampener. Advanced window bonding is used in the side window section. So you won’t need to worry about window piping or stitches.

What Sets This Apart

  • The product has a warranty of six years, unlike other convertible tops
  • Manufacturing material is the same as the original sailcloth vinyl
  • The heated glass used for the top window is DOT approved
  • Pre-assembled kit makes it easy to install as no sewing is required
  • The top is perfect for any Mustang from 1994-2004


  • Side window section utilizes advanced window bonding, making it durable
  • DOT approved glass, and vinyl sailcloth makes the top heat resistant
  • Materials are computer cut to ensure 100% fit
  • The textured exterior gives the top a unique feel when touched


  • No installation guideline is provided with the product
  • The black bands used to secure the top are partially glued


If you want to have a quick replacement for your convertible top, MA389 is a good choice. But despite the warranty, this product isn’t suitable for long-term use. A far better option would be the AutoBerry AB-007-FM-CT-Black convertible soft top.

7.Sierra Auto Tops 10-11-MUS-200 Convertible Soft Top (1983- 1990)

Finding the perfect convertible top for any Mustang from 1983-1990 is a bit tough. That’s why Sierra Auto Tops made the 10-11-MUS-200. This top is the optimal choice. It is perfectly cut from a single bolt of material. Such is done so that the color and grain consistency of the top is perfect. To make sure the dimensions are perfect, the cutting is done via a computer.

This top, unlike most, includes both rear and top window sections. The window is made of tempered DOT-approved glass. But the glass is a non-heated one so that the interior is cloudy. Unlike the original Mustang tops, the material used for the top gives the exterior a pinpoint texture. For further durability, the cuts are stitched together using high-strength polyester threads.

What Sets This Apart

  • Toping material has a constant grain and color consistency
  • The patterns are cut using Garber cutting kit for consistency
  • Stitching is done using high-strength and non-fade polyester threads
  • Perfect fit for any Mustangs from 1983-1990
  • The exterior has a pinpoint patterned texture


  • Piping is used for the side window sections for better reinforcement
  • For consistency, the entire top is cut from a single bolt
  • Non-fade threads allow the top to have a longer lifetime
  • The top is comparatively lighter than the original one


  • Though the window is DOT rated, it is non-heated and tempered
  • As stitches are used to join the edges, water leakage may occur


Finding a convertible top for 1983-1990 Mustangs is an arduous task. So considering the rarity, the 10-11-MUS-200 is the most viable option. It is durable and light and also has a unique design than the original.

8.Sierra Auto Tops 10-11-MUS-206 Convertible Soft Top (1983-1990)

Like the last Sierra Auto Tops product, 10-11-MUS-206 is also a convertible top for the Mustangs from 1983-1990. But this is a bit different from the last product. Instead of glass windows, these use plastic top windows. Due to this, the weight of the top is lighter than usual. But this doesn’t compromise with the design of the top.

The 10-11-MUS-206 is designed to be identical to the original in all aspects other than the top window. It has similar stitches and pinpoint exterior texture. For the side window section, this one utilizes piping identical to the original. Despite being identical, it manages to give a unique look to your ride. Such a thing is possible due to the computer cut and patterned exterior.

What Sets This Apart

  • Pinpoint vinyl is used as the topping material for the convertible top
  • The dimensions are 100% accurate as the cuts are done using a computer
  • Plastic window gives the interior a cloudy mood when light passes through
  • The material used is highly tear-resistant


  • Plastic window is sealed using heat and rubber for leakage proofing
  • Stitches are tight and rigid, so they won’t tear that easily
  • Side window sections use piping which helps in noise cancelation
  • Comparatively more durable than the stock top for 1983-1990


  • Plastic window isn’t optimal for heat resistance
  • Piping on side windows can come off easily if not handled with care


If you are looking for an identical top to the stock one, this is the perfect one. It provides higher durability while being similar to the original. But it’s not a viable option if you are looking for heat resistance and noise cancelation.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Convertible Top

Now that you know about the best convertible tops for Mustang, you might be eager to get the one that suits your car. But there’re a few things you need to consider before you go and buy one. These are small factors, but they can affect your decision-making. Take a look at what they are why it is essential to consider them.


Not all convertible tops are cut with the exact measurements. They are usually cut with a specific Mustang model in mind. But the good thing is Mustang convertibles have similar dimensions for a particular series. Make sure to choose the top that fits your ride.


The canvas of the top varies from brand to brand. Though most tops use sailcloth vinyl, some also use standard vinyl, butyl rubber, and even low-quality polymers. Each material provides a specific level of resistance to weather and heat. Among all the materials, the best is sailcloth vinyl, so pick a top that uses this.


Tops with rear and top windows are a common thing. But not all of them have both. Some either have the top window while the others have a rear one. The material used for the window may also vary. Make sure to consider that while buying a convertible top.

Leakage Proofing

The primary purpose for tops for the convertible is to keep the interior dry during rain. So, while buying a top, make sure the top is leakage-proof. Take note of what the edges of the window are sealed with. A leak-proof top will most of the time have rubber sealing.

Noise Dampening

Some of the convertible tops are fitted with a noise-dampening facility. Not all products provide this feature. So, if you are looking for this feature, get the top that uses sailcloth vinyl and rubber sealant for window sealing.


Different tops will cost you different prices; that’s a given. But before you buy a top, you should compare the tops available within your budget. This will let you get the best top for the money you’ll spend.

Installation Complexity

Not all convertible tops come pre-assembled. Some of them require to be assembled after unpacking. So, if you want don’t want the hassle of assembling them, get a pre-assembled top.

Different Types of Convertible Tops

There’re mainly two different types of convertible tops you can find in the market. They are Hard convertible tops and Soft convertible tops. A brief difference between them are as follows,

Hard Convertible Tops

The defining factor of a hard convertible top is the roof material of the top. Roofs of these types of tops are sturdy and rigid. Usually, the material used is metal. This makes the tops a better option against harsh weather and thieves.

Soft Convertible Tops

As the name suggests, the tops which have a pliable roof are known as soft convertible tops. The material used is generally fabric or vinyl type materials which will last about three to six years at best. The manufacturing material of these types is vinyl, rubber, and cotton.


What’s the procedure to clean a convertible top?

A convertible top is either made of vinyl or metal. No matter the material, it is best to avoid using bleach, citrus, or silicone to clean the top. Using these chemicals is detrimental to the top’s mechanical integrity. It is best to use a natural and mild cleanser to clean the top.

How long will a convertible top last?

The average lifespan of a regular convertible top is ten to fifteen years. This is considering that one properly takes care of the top. Even if proper maintenance isn’t done, a conventional top will last about six years. However, you can repair the top when damaged.

Which one is more preferable - fabric or vinyl convertible top?

Soft-top convertible tops are usually made of either fabric or vinyl. Fabric is soft to the touch, while vinyl is a bit grainy. Among the two, vinyl is preferable due to its higher durability and resilience.

How complex is it to replace the convertible top?

The complexity of replacing a convertible top depends on the model of the product. If the top is pre-assembled, then it is simple and takes at most two hours to install. Otherwise, the installation time and complexity will increase drastically.

What’s the replacement cost for a convertible top?

On average, brand-new convertible tops cost about $400. Considering that, the price to replace your convertible top by a professional will cost you $1100. The installation complexity of a convertible top is the reason for such a high cost.

Final Words

Owning a convertible itself is a high maintain ace task. The moment you add convertible tops to the equation, it gets way more complex. To simplify that factor, we’ve listed the eight best Mustang convertible top replacement. We didn’t just list them but also tried our best to compare them.

Considering you read the entire article, it is safe to say you can easily find the top that suits your needs. If you still have doubts, then we suggest you get the AutoBerry FM-05-13-Black as it is by far the best one on the list. But we encourage that you choose the one which you find best for your car.

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