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Best 3 Point Sprayer – 2024 [Top Review]

Since time immemorial, human civilization has been dependent on growing their own food. Farming and horticulture have always been labor-intensive jobs that require lots of time and workforce.

However, advances in technology and various innovations have led to the creation of various machinery and farming implements that were unheard of in the past. They make large-scale crop production possible while still keeping the associated effort and work hours minimal.

Sprayers are one such kit used to distribute various chemicals in large fields. These chemicals may include herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, or liquid soil treatments.

Tractors come with a 3-point standardized hitch where some specialized type of sprayer can be attached. These 3-point sprayers have more capacity and utility. They are must-haves for any farmer who has to cover a sizable land.

But to get the best performance, you will need to research and find a sprayer suitable to specifically your personal needs. This may not be possible for a lot of people.

So, we have gone through an expansive catalog of products to present you with the best 3 point sprayers money can buy. Let's dive right in!

Best 3 Point Sprayer Review

When buying a sprayer for a specific application, there are many things to consider, but it is crucial to get the basics down first. That's why we included a buying guide so that you can make an informed decision.

After putting hundreds of sprayers through their paces, we picked only those that stand out head and shoulders above their competitors. You can rest easy knowing they are the best of the best.

1.Fimco LG-40-3PT-12V 3 Point Hitch Mounted Sprayer

This sprayer is ideal for small farms and has various attractive features. The low price point also makes it an excellent entry-level product. You will be hard-pressed to find a better option for a 3-point sprayer for compact tractors.

The tank has only 40 gallons of capacity, but it has a smaller dimension of 39.5 x 26 x 40 inches. If you lack space for storage, then this product will make for a practical choice.

A 12v pump creates up to 60 psi of pressure. So, you can expect a reasonable flow rate of around 2.1gpm. With these parameters, the included nozzles will have a spray distance of 25ft vertically and 35ft horizontally.

Another noteworthy feature of this Fimco 3-point sprayer is the 25ft adjustable hose. This will come in handy for spraying in places you can't reach via your tractor, like at the base of a fence or barn walls.

Specialized Department

This sprayer will work perfectly if you have small to moderate-sized farmland. Larger sprayers are cumbersome and will make maneuvering around fields difficult.

However, covering a relatively large area with this sprayer will become a chore due to the need to refill it frequently. In cases like that, we recommend you look for a larger product.

What Sets This Apart

  • Rust and algae resistant sprayers will allow for more outstanding durability
  • 2.1GPM flow rate results in generous amounts of liquid to be sprayed at a longer distance
  • Extended boom for covering a larger area in a relatively short time
  • Assembly is simple and quick with little to no hassle


  • Affordable price
  • Light and compact construction
  • Flexible yet robust nozzle with versatile applications
  • Spray wand for reaching difficult areas


  • Poor build quality of the tank may cause it to crack if used over rough terrain

Our Experience With It

We have found that the sprayer tends to tip easily over uneven terrain. However, it excels in other aspects like pump strength, nozzle design, spray reach, and so on.


While this product has its cons, we think the competitive price and its overall specs make up for that. You can get a lot out of this product, and we feel comfortable putting our word behind it.

2.NorthStar 3-Pt. Boomless Broadcast and Spot Sprayer

Some farms and orchards require a boomless 3 point hitch sprayer with good reliability with broadcast and spot spraying capability. This product not only ticks all those boxes but also gives a large assortment of convenient features.

This has a somewhat respectable capacity of 55 gallons, allowing you to cover more ground with fewer refills. Not to mention the tank itself is UV and corrosion resistant with extra-thick walls that will outlast other sprayers at this price point.

This comes with an NSQ series open flow On-demand pump, which gives exceptional performance. It runs on 12v and can generate up to 70 psi of pressure resulting in a 2.2 GPM flow rate and 30 ft of horizontal spray distance.

The opening of the tank is about 5". So, you will be able to fill it up quickly. Clear hoses will let you monitor the chemical flow. Having a Honeywell micro switch will further enhance this product's durability.

Specialized Department

Orchards or farms that have large ditches and other obstructions allow for spraying with long booms. So, a boomless product like this is well suited for this task.

For those looking to be economical and spend as little chemical as possible, droplet pattern spraying will yield good results.

What Sets This Apart

  • Viton valves and Santoprene diaphragms give excellent protection against harsh chemicals
  • Innovative design lets the pump stay cool even during extended operations
  • Powder-coated steel frame prevents rust and oxidation
  • Quick connect ports allows easy swapping for hoses


  • Rated for 100% duty cycle
  • Wide variety of spray options
  • Superior pump quality
  • Includes a remote switch and pressure gauge


  • The hose is relatively short, being only 15ft long

Our Experience With It

We have been using this sprayer for quite some time and were pleased to see no significant flaws in its build quality. This just shows how much effort went into this to make it such a great product.


With all that being said, we can confidently say that this is one of the best 3-point boomless sprayers out there. It excels in the applications it was designed for and will last a long time.

3.CropCare PTO Powered 3-Point Sprayer

CropCare allows for a staggering versatility with their 3-point PTO sprayer. With the choices permitted by their boom kit, you will be able to adapt to any job at hand.

PTO sprayers can connect to the tractor's engine to borrow some horsepower to provide better performance. The CropCare sprayer is no exception, utilizing the power take-off to run a Hypro roller pump. This will keep the weight of the sprayer low while still allowing no compromise when it comes to pressure.

The 60-gallon tank is suitable for moderate-sized fields. It is also a solid yellow color, meaning no sunlight can get into the tank. So, unlike white transparent tanks, there will be no algae growth that can contaminate the chemicals.

Specialized Department

This is a well-balanced sprayer that can be used for agricultural or commercial uses without any problems. Whether it's applying pesticides, fertilizers to a field, or de-icing and washing your car - this product can handle them all.

What Sets This Apart

  • Pistol grip spray gun with variable patterns
  • Jet agitation for mixing and swirling the chemicals
  • Ni-resist housing allows the pump to withstand exposure to strong chemicals
  • PTO roller pump can generate a whopping 150psi of pressure to enable usage of booms with a large number of nozzles


  • Large 60-gallon tanks
  • A manual control valve allows minute pressure control
  • Rugged and durable steel frame with powder-coated finish
  • Compatible with a wide array of booms


  • Somewhat expensive

Our Experience With It

This sprayer was very easy to assemble due to the clear instructions. The tank is made of thick heavy-duty material and has gallon markings for convenience. All the nozzles were also well built and seemed to be manufactured from brass.

While spraying various test chemicals, we found that it met all of its advertised claims.


This is truly a remarkable piece of farming implement that provides a lot of flexibility. If you are willing to splurge a bit, this sprayer is definitely the way to go!

4.SMV Industries 3-Point Roll Sprayer

Offering a great mix of unique feature sets and durability, SMV industries have outdone themselves with their new 3-point sprayer.

The roller pump for this product boasts some impressive functionality. It is known to be reliable and can give a consistent performance during spraying. Having a wide range of pressure settings means you will be able to adjust the flow rate to better suit the applications of specific treatments.

To reach difficult spots, you also get a 25ft hose. Being made of EPDM, you will not have to worry about this springing a leak any time soon. Applying treatments over a 16ft strip of land means this is one of the best 3-point boom sprayers available.

Specialized Department

If you want to apply chemical treatments to a large area quickly, then the long boom of this sprayer will come in handy. It can also perform most tasks that are required for other run-of-the-mill products.

Just make sure that you don't have obstacles in your field where the boom can get stuck.

What Sets This Apart

  • The spray wand has a D handle for easy grip and also an adjustable nozzle
  • Comes with a folding five nozzle boom that can cover an impressive 16ft of land in one go
  • Pressure adjustment assembly has a re-circulation mechanism to agitate the tank
  • Manifold assembly is adjustable, allowing easy access to the control even from the tractor seat.


  • Extensive spray coverage
  • Easy to assemble
  • Relatively long 25ft hose
  • Robust build quality


  • Neither the PTO nor electric pump is included and must be purchased separately

Our Experience With It

The sprayer came in with some shoddy packaging and obtuse instructions. But it was still relatively straightforward to assemble.

The build quality seemed solid, and we did not see any flimsy components. After adding the pump and adjusting to the boom, we ensured the spray was even with decent drift control. All in all, we found its performance entirely satisfactory.


All things considered; this product has a lot more to offer than its competitors. You will undoubtedly be pleased by its functionality and reliability.

5.John Deere 45 Gallon 3 Pt Hitch Sprayer


John Deere 3-point hitch sprayer was intended for mainly commercial and residential use with its small and compact form. Based on what we have tested so far, it fulfills this role with aplomb.

This sprayer comes with an 80" foldable boom that can be adjusted to apply its contents in a 60", 90" or 120" swath of land. 4 tips in the boom allow for precision spraying and less wastage.

The SHURflo diaphragm-type pump will produce 100 psi of pressure and 2 GPM of flow rate to ensure the nozzles always have an adequate supply.

With the nozzles being made of brass, you can be sure that they will continue to function for quite a while. The adjustments wand tip can throw jets of treatments to an impressive 30ft.

All this, while having consistent and smooth flow, makes this the most efficient 3-point shooter.

Specialized Department

The small capacity makes this unsuitable for jobs requiring the application of a large field. But for treatments of your backward lawn or any other small area, the lightweight nature of such a sprayer turns into a boon.

What Sets This Apart

  • The pump can be run dry without damage
  • Commercial-grade valves prevent lawn spotting by eliminating siphoning or dripping from the nozzles
  • Battery lead and wire harness come with quick disconnects to allow easy hookups
  • The yellow tank is graded on the side in gallons for convenience while filling


  • On/off switch accessible from the seat of the tractor
  • Simple removal and attachment of the boom
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant valves
  • Comes with a drain spout and tank sump for easy drainage


  • Somewhat expensive for an entry-level sprayer

Our Experience With It

The unit arrived in tip-top shape without any evidence of poor handling. When it came to setting it up, running the battery leads from the front of the tractor to the sprayer was a bit of a hassle.

Also, the instruction manual was a bit outdated. But once you wrap your head around the construction, you can quickly put it together. The pump provided good pressure, and the nozzles were solidly built.


If any of the cheaper sprayer options did not meet your quality standards, this product will blow you away with its great built and expansive feature set. It is a good pick for enthusiasts and casual users alike.

6.Streamline Industrial SPRAYER - 3 Point Hitch - PTO Drive


This is the biggest and baddest sprayer among our entire lineup, with a gigantic 200-gallon tank and an XL pump. You can handle treatment applications for even the most extensive farm fields out there.

Having such a large tank means you won't have to spend time refilling it frequently, increasing productivity. This monster of a pump can produce up to 300 psi of pressure.

The best part is that this is entirely adjustable. So, you can handle all sorts of applications with this baby.

Streamline Industrial also offers a complete line of booms and boomless nozzles to go with their products. Not to mention the included spray gun with adjustable tips. Such expansive options will guarantee you will have the perfect tool every time.

Specialized Department

This sprayer is ill-suited for small farms and lawns. Having such a high-capacity tank and powerful motor means this weighs over 250 lbs. while having rather large dimensions.

So it only makes sense for large-scale applications where you do not need much maneuverability.

What Sets This Apart

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum frame is resistant to chemicals and offers superior durability
  • 12 ft long boom provides coverage for large swaths of land
  • Includes a 50 ft hose and gun to make sure you will not miss any spot while spraying
  • 12 GPM of flow rate allows for usage of a large number of spray tips at the same time


  • Has jet agitation system
  • Comes with a hose hanger
  • Thich polyethylene walled tank boasts great longevity
  • Options for multiple spray patterns


  • The unit is hefty and cumbersome

Our Experience With It

Shipping was fast, and it arrived in immaculate condition. After a simple assembly process, we put this product through its paces.

Even after several duty cycles, we came across no leaks or loss in performance. It passed all our tests with flying colors!


The performance of this product leaves little room for any criticism. But make sure you only purchase such a large sprayer if you genuinely need its staggering capability.

7.SMA 3 Point 110 GAL Sprayer

SMA has been manufacturing sprayers and other farming implementations for quite a while and has garnered a reputation for making products that have great features and outstanding durability. This product undoubtedly lives up to its name.

The tank is made out of robust polypropylene and has an impressive 110-gallon capacity. If you have a lot of ground to cover, you will appreciate such a large tank. 

Weighing in at 388 lbs. means moving it around will be a chore. However, its heavy-duty construction and well-fitting plumbing far outweigh the problem with its bulk.

Specialized Department

Again, we urge people to consider their daily application needs and make sure they will benefit from a 110-gallon tank. Those with only smaller spraying jobs should look to a more compact and lightweight product.

But as mentioned above, if you have a large open field where maneuverability will not be an issue, this sprayer will make work that much more straightforward.

What Sets This Apart

  • Comes with a premium-grade TeeJet control valve for better regulating chemical flow rates
  • Parking stand frame for more stability
  • The Pistol grip spray wand includes an adjustable tip
  • Powder-coated red finish protects the frame from the elements


  • Can be attached to both cat 1 and cat 2 hitch
  • Compatible with most roller pumps
  • Long 25ft hose
  • Smooth and consistent spray patterns


  • The package does not 7nclude any pumps or booms

Our Experience With It

One thing to point out is that you will need to consider its weight and the center of gravity of your tractor. We tested that it's dangerous to use it in steep terrain with a light vehicle.

Another significant detail about this product is that the pump draws the liquid through a filter. This caught some plastic residue we missed and likely saved the pump from damage. The valve and lines were well made, and we saw no leaks while running it at full blast.


We were skeptical about this sprayer going into the reviewing process but were pleasantly surprised by its thought-out design and solid, rugged build. This is almost certainly one of the best 3-point sprayers in the market.

Things To Consider Before Buying A 3 Point Sprayer

You should do proper research before investing in a 3-point sprayer for your tractor. This can seem daunting if you don't have experience using such implements.

But fret not, as we have gathered a list of some key points you should take note of to pick the perfect sprayer for your applications. Let's take a look.

Size of the tank

Sprayers like these can come in sizes ranging from 50 gallons to 1500-gallon tanks. If the tank is too small, you may have to waste a lot of time refilling it.

Too large and may be unsafe to mount in some tractors. Also, large tanks are harder to move around and install. So, it is best to go for a tank size that is just right for your field.

Tank shape

Having a tank that sits lower and closer to the tractor's center of gravity is essential for safe operation on steep hills. If the shape of the tank puts it further away from the wheels, you may want to avoid such products.

Ease in attaching

It goes without saying that you won't always be dragging around your sprayer while you use your tractor for other purposes. But when the season changes and you need to do some spraying, it is nice to be ready to go with minimal hassle.

So, look for a product that has a robust yet straightforward attachment mechanism.

Pressure control

Having proper control over the pressure of your sprayer from your tractor's seat is a fundamental matter. Too much pressure will result in excess release of chemicals that will harm your crop and your field alike. Too little, and you likely won't get much benefit from this spraying process anyway.

So, pay close attention to this while making your purchase.

Agitation system

Some chemical treatments come in suspensions that will settle down over time. This will reduce its efficacy.

So, a lot of sprayers come with an agitation system to swirl and mix the liquid at all times. It is prudent to buy a product that has such a system built in.


You should be able to drain your tank properly after every operation. A sump at the tank's base will allow for drainage of all the chemicals. Without such systems, you might contaminate your next batch of chemical treatment.

Chemical flush system

While you may be able to clean the tank itself, the chemicals for your last application may still be present in the rest of the system.

A sprayer that comes with a flush system will have a separate water tank that it will use to clean the lines and nozzles. Such systems are convenient, and make sure you are always ready to go for your next spraying.

Boom attachment

A Boomless sprayer is easier to maintain and allows for more maneuverability. However, booms will have several nozzles pointed down towards the crop and ensure a more comprehensive and even application per pass.

Their use depends on the circumstances. So, it is better to have an attachment option for them than not.

Quality of the tank

Often, a sprayer is used to apply string chemicals that have corrosive properties. If you need to use such chemicals, then look for sprayers with corrosion-resistant tanks.

Also, fertilizer and standing water often promote algae growth. So, you should also make sure that the tank is not white and solid colored to not let sunlight through. This will prevent unwanted algae growth.

Portability and storage

A 3-point sprayer tends to be large and cumbersome. Make sure to buy a product that you can store properly. Also, an integrated forklift will make the task of moving the implement around that much more straightforward.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a 3-point sprayer?

Sprayers are a farming implement that allows you to apply chemical treatments more quickly. Some of these sprayers are designed to be attached to tractors with a standardized 3-point hitch system, hence the name.

How do PTO water pumps work?

PTO water pumps connect directly to the tractor's driveshaft and borrow some of the engine's power. These pumps can generate a lot of pressure while still being compact.

What does a boomless sprayer mean?

A boomless sprayer does not have several nozzles spread out along a boom arm. They just use one or two tips pointed up or sideways to achieve a wider spread.

Which is better; boom or boomless sprayer?

It depends on your circumstances. A boomless sprayer offers more maneuverability and works even near fences or trees. But it covers less ground, and the spray is a bit uneven.

While boom sprayers cover large swaths of land with fewer overlaps, they can be used in rough terrain or near poles and trees.

What PSI should I run my sprayer?

You have to adjust your pressure for the spray pattern that you want. High pressure will give a mist of fine droplets, while low pressure will result in a coarser and larger droplet. Generally, people stay between 40 and 80 PSI of pressure.

What affects the application rate of a sprayer?

The flow rate resulting from the pressure and the tractor speed mainly affects the application rate. Higher pressure means more liquid is pushed out of the nozzles. While the faster you go, the less time each spot has to receive the chemicals.

Usually, your sprayer will come with a calibration chart that you can consult for the exact numbers.

How do you hook up a 3-point sprayer to a tractor?

Ensure your tractor lift arms are lined up with the sprayer mounting points. After that, insert the lift pins or hitch and lock them in place with locking pins. The top link must also be attached to the third mounting point on the sprayer.

If you are using a PTO sprayer, hook up the pump to the PTO shaft and attach the torque chain to stop the pump from spinning along the shaft. Carefully check all the connections to make sure they are secure.


Applying herbicides, fertilizers, pesticides, or any other chemicals is made much easier by a good sprayer. So, it has become a permanent fixture for most farmer's tool sheds. However, for those who have yet to purchase one, the sheer number of products out there makes choosing one a challenge.

So, we consulted some experts to give you a rundown about what to look out for to ensure you get the best 3-point sprayer for your needs. If you are still having trouble deciding, just through our recommendation. We are sure you won't be disappointed!

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