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Best Automotive Double Sided Tape – [Top 10 Picks] Review & Buying Guide 2021

You may have heard many people say that if you cannot solve a problem with the tape, you can solve that problem in no other way. While you should not take this saying too literally, the right tape can indeed make your life so much easier.

As a car owner, you are most probably prone to things breaking, or you may simply need to connect one part with another. That is where automotive double-sided tapes come in. You can use the double-coated tape for a wide variety of applications such as mounting, holding, splicing, etc.

In case if you're in a hurry, check our top 3s!

Best Automotive Double Sided Tape Review

As there is a massive demand for double-faced tapes, you will see various types and brands of double-sided tapes in the market. That is why in this article, we have brought you our list of best automotive double-sided tapes.

1.3M Super Strength Molding automotive Tape

If you are looking for a way to attach any trims or emblems to your car permanently, this tape is the perfect choice for you! The 3M Super Strength Molding Tape offers you the ability to bond irregular and textured surfaces. With its aircraft-grade strength, you do not have to worry about your attachments. It will be as if those moldings were a part of your car!

3M offers this product at various widths and lengths. Did you buy the wrong band? No worries, because you can easily cut the tape to fit your choices. You do not need any tools to install this particular product. You simply need to cut the tape, apply it between your desired surfaces, and press. Voila! You have successfully attached the surfaces.

Used For: You can use it for attaching metal, plastic, and carbon fiber trims on your automotive’s painted and unpainted surfaces.

Major Features:

  • Withstands impact and weather
  • Temperature Use Range is from -40F to 250F
  • Easy to use
  • Decreases vibration and noise
  • Aircraft-grade adhesive strength

What We Liked About It: The product is resizable so that you can use it for various purposes.

Note to Enthusiasts: It attaches the parts permanently, so ensure that you are okay with the molding being on your car permanently.

2.3M Auto Exterior Attachment automotive Tape

Are you looking for a permanent solution to your car’s bonding needs? Look no more because 3M has brought you the perfect solution for your problems. And on top of that, they are offering it at a very reasonable price as well!

The 3M Auto Exterior Attachment Tape offers its user multiple applications. You can use it to permanently bond trim, auto body, side moldings, fender, etc. Moreover, you can also use this tape to ensure instant protection against any hazards like car dings.

This conformable, double-sided tape is available in several widths, and lengths, and cuts. And due to its easy usage, you can have trouble less experience using it.

You also do not have to worry about its lasting period. The tape is resistant to UV, solvents, and moisture. And due to its highly weatherable characteristic, it will give you a satisfying performance for as long as your car runs.

Used For: With this tape, you can attach carbon fiber moldings to your car. It works equally well on painted and unpainted surfaces for attaching plastic or metal pieces.

Major Features:

  • Offers multiple applications
  • Permanent adhesion period
  • Temperature use range is from -40F to 250F
  • Decreases noise, shock, and vibrations
  • Moisture, solvents, and UV resistant

What We Liked About It: The tape is resistant to UV, moisture, and solvents, making it an excellent choice for your car.

Note to Enthusiasts: It attaches the parts permanently, so ensure that you are okay with the molding being on your car permanently.

3.LLPT automotive Double-Sided Foam Tape

You may have come across a situation where you are unsure whether you want an attachment on your car forever. The easy answer to this question is the LLPT Double-sided Foam Tape. And thanks to its resistance to harmful chemicals, it will offer your car protection from corroding substances at the same time.

This easy-to-install tape is dustproof and weatherproof. So, there is no chance of it ever failing to deliver its best performance, making it the best choice for your temporary bonding needs.

Used For: You can use it on walls, window panes, or even hang stuff from the glass panes inside your car.

Major Features:

  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • Curl resistant
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Dust-proof
  • Absorbs shock
  • No discoloration

What We Liked About It: The tape offers an extra option for the surfaces on which it does not work initially.

Note to Enthusiasts: If the tape does not work initially, you can spray the adhesion promoter and then stick it on.

4.XFasten Super Strength Automotive Molding Tape

Are you looking to decorate your car’s interior? Then this product will be a perfect fit for you. It is one of the best double-sided tapes for car interior mainly because you can reposition it!

The tape can withstand extreme temperatures, making it a perfect candidate for it to fulfill your needs. While it does not need you to have the experience, it can deliver professional results.

Used For: With this tape, you can specially decorate your car’s interior.

Major Features:

  • Features aircraft-grade adhesive strength
  • Can endure air drag conditions and extreme wind
  • Can be repositioned
  • Temperature use range from -45C to 98C
  • Degradation and corrosion resistant

What We Liked About It: You can reposition it, so it leaves room for user error.

Note to Enthusiasts: You can install it with little to no experience.

5.PE Foam Double-Sided automotive Adhesive Tape

You may be worried about your adhesive leaving behind any unwanted residue. That is why Pro Sticky has brought you this particular product. This double-sided tape leaves behind no residue, making it one of the best double-sided automotive tapes.

Used For: This tape is specially used for attachments on rough surfaces. So, you can decorate your car’s interior and exterior.

Major Features:

  • High-density foam adhesive offering heavy-duty performance
  • It offers a clear finish
  • Resistant to curling
  • Residue-free
  • Toxic-free and not corrosive

What We Liked About It: It leaves behind no residue and so offers a hassle-free removal process.

Note to Enthusiasts: Residue-free from only glossy or smooth surfaces.

6.3M Double-Sided VHB automotive Tape

If you are looking for a double-sided adhesive that will not reduce your visual satisfaction, look no further. The 3M double-sided automotive tape is the answer to all your questions. Besides its visual aesthetics, it also offers high-strength adhesion.

Used For: This tape specializes in bonding attachments on smooth surfaces and metals. You can use it to decorate your car’s exterior.

Major Features:

  • Features a permanent bonding method
  • Bonds on contact
  • Easy and fast application
  • Offers visual satisfaction
  • Prevents moisture intrusion
  • Offers multiple applications

What We Liked About It: It eliminates the need for grinding, drilling, clean-up, etc., and offers a clean aesthetic.

Note to Enthusiasts: The tape bonds on contact, so make sure to position it well.

7.PE automotive Foam Double-Sided Adhesive Tape

Don’t you hate it when you run out of tape for less than an inch and wish to extend it? That is why Papillon has brought you an extendable double-sided automotive tape. This environmentally friendly tape offers strong performance and is easy to install.

Used For: You can use it to decorate your car’s interior and exterior. Moreover, you can use it to decorate your home indoors.  

Major Features:

  • Can hold up to five pounds of mass per square inch
  • Offers top-notch adhesion for long term use
  • Waterproof, weatherproof, and dustproof
  • Resistant to curling
  • Endures UV, solvents, moistures, and chemicals
  • Easy to install

What We Liked About It: Due to its flexible material, you can extend it to suit your needs.

Note to Enthusiasts: It takes 72 hours for the tape to stick.

8.3M Double-Sided VHB Adhesive

It is hard to find a tape that offers industrial-grade strength and is cheap, isn’t it? However, 3M has brought you this two-sided tape for cars that offers this desirable combination. With its relatively high adhesion strength, you cannot go wrong with it.

Used For: You can use it to attach trimmings to both the interior and the exterior of your car.

Major Features:

  • Provides strength and durability
  • Resistant to solvent
  • Offers 100% bond strength after 24 hours
  • Easy to install

What We Liked About It: This tape offers industrial-grade strength.

Note to Enthusiasts: It offers its best output when applied on clean surfaces.

9.ToLanbbt Double-Sided Tape

ToLanbbt offers this specific product which showcases high resistance to extreme condition. This tape for cars is also a good choice for office, garden, home, workshop and offers various other applications.

Used For: You can use it for attaching moldings to your automotive’s interior and exterior. It can also work to decorate your car’s windshield.  

Major Features:

  • Holds five pounds of mass per square inch
  • Weatherproof
  • Resistant to heavy rains and harsh heat
  • Removable

What We Liked About It: The tape can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Note to Enthusiasts: You can cut it to any width.

10.A to Z Mounting Tape

If you are looking for double-sided tapes for your trims, A to Z Painting Supply has brought you the perfect solution. This particular product of theirs can easily be one of the best double-sided tapes for automotive trims. With this tape

Used For: You can use this tape to decorate your car’s exterior and your home.

Major Features:

  • Removable
  • Reasonable pricing

What We Liked About It: It is offered at a very reasonable price.

Note to Enthusiasts: Using it on walls may leave markings.

Things to Consider Before Buying An Automotive Double Sided Tape

As you can already see, there are a variety of double-sided tapes for your automotive. The question is, what type of double-coated tape you should be looking for. Worry not because we are here to help you through the process.

While many people follow the ‘one size fits all’ rule, that is not efficient. The double-layered tape for automotive is not just a patchwork but a tool for you to use. To make your instrument’s best use, you need to buy the suitable tape according to your needs, and here is how you can do that.

Surface Texture

Before you buy a double-sided tape for your automotive, you will need to account for the bonding surface on which you plan to use it. You will need to consider the textures and types of these surfaces. As a general rule, the smoother the body, the thinner the band you will be needing.
For surfaces with a uniform texture, such as glass, metal sheets, etc., thin double-sided tapes will do the job. And if the body is more on the thicker side, you may want to lean towards using thicker double-layered tapes.

Surface Energy

Before going into this topic, note that surface texture and surface energy are two different things. The term ‘Surface Energy’ refers to the degree of attraction of a material surface towards another. Now, if your bonding surface has high surface energy, such as glass, shiny metals, etc., they will provide a good surface for the tape.
If the surface you will be using the tape on has low surface energy, you will want to use a tacky adhesive for the double-sided tape to work.

Temperature Resistance

You will need to consider the environment in which you want the tape to work. As a rule of thumb, the tapes work well in higher temperatures. As the climate becomes colder, the tapes begin to lose their effectiveness.
If you expect a cold climate, then some specific tapes are more suitable for the job. Keep in mind that excessive heat can also decrease the effectiveness of the double-sided tapes. You will have to consider the working environment and then choose the right temperature-resistant tape.

Other Factors

Besides the factors mentioned above, you will want to ask yourself some questions about the double-sided tapes before buying one.

Removal Aftereffect

There is a negative relationship between tackiness and clean removal. You have to let one go to get the other. So, you will have to ask yourself which do you want more.


One of the best things about double-sided automotive tape is that you can completely conceal its presence. To do that, you will have to choose the tape with the correct width. If you choose a tape with a broader band than needed, the tape will show itself, and the finish will not look as good.


Sometimes, you may require tapes with a certain thickness for them to work. If that is the case, you will have to choose the tape with the correct thickness.

Adhesion Period

You will have to decide if you want the tape to stick permanently or not. Before buying a double-faced tape, make sure to decide on the adhesion time and buy the tape accordingly.


To be on the safe side, you will want to buy approved and recognized products. Make sure to choose an Underwriter Laboratories (UL) approved tape which follows the EPA code.

Different Types of Automotive Double Sided Tape

All double-sided tapes have several benefits. However, there are several types of double-sided tapes and some of which may be more suitable for your needs than the rest.

VHB Tapes: You can use the VHB tape to replace rivets, screws, and welds. The VHB tape showcases a long-lasting bond and high strength. It offers several benefits to its users. Some of which are fatigue resistance, vibration dumping, and the ability to accommodate different thermal expansion rates.

Thin Bonding Tape: If you are looking to keep your overall profile a thin one, you should use the thin bonding tape. It will allow you to attach various substrates or composites by using a thin but strong adhesive. You can comfortably use this tape on irregular surfaces. You can use it for graphics and display panels as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will the double-sided tape damage the paint on my car?

While the double-sided tape boasts of its strength, it will not leave a mark on your car’s paint. To put it simply, you can safely remove a double-sided tape from your automotive.

Can I use double-sided tape to combine two different materials?

Unlike the traditional fasteners and adhesive, you can fashion the double-sided tape to fit dissimilar surfaces. For example, the 3M VHB tape can bond together almost any type of surface. It can also keep different types of materials fastened together with no problem.

Will the double-sided tape be visible after using it?

One of the biggest strengths that the double-sided tape offers you is visual satisfaction. No matter the purpose you use it, the double-faced tape will not be visible if used correctly. However, you have to keep in mind that you will have to use the tape with an appropriate band.

How do I remove the double-sided tape from my car?

The degree of force you will need to remove the tape from your automotive is closely related to its adhesion period. The longer the tape has stayed on your car, the harder it will be for you to remove it. If the tape has stayed for a long time, you can use a panel remover to remove the double-layered tape safely.
Once you have lifted the tape and access its underside, use a heat gun to lower the adhesive’s stickiness. That way, you can slowly remove it. If the tape begins to stick again, use the heat gun at your disposal. Repeat these two steps until you can completely remove the tape.

Final Words

As a proud owner of an automotive, you should learn to recognize the benefits that the double-sided tape for automotive offers. However, make sure to get the tape that can serve your purpose the best. If you can do that, it will be useful not only for you but also for your car.

We have prepared our list for the best automotive double-sided tape and provided a concise discussion on the topic. We hope that our discussion on the double-layered automotive tape has helped make your decision-making easier.

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