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Best Root Grapple for Tractor – [2024]

Tractors have become one the most versatile pieces of machinery with a wide array of attachment options to augment their capabilities. A root grapple is one such piece of equipment that is useful for farmers and construction workers alike.

In simple terms, a tractor grapple is basically a hydraulic device shaped like a jaw that is used to clamp down and hold on to objects. It will let you move around heavy rocks, rolls of hay, or even large logs.

You can also clear out brushes and the roots of trees that have been cut down, making this equipment ideal for clearing out land quickly and efficiently.

Now for those who are not familiar with a grapple or have never used one before, trying to choose which to purchase can be challenging.

But fret not, as we have done the necessary research to bring you a list of the best root grapples for tractors available in the market. Without further ado, let's have a look!

In case if you're in a hurry, check our three best beasts!

Best Root Grapple for Tractor Product Review

You need to show due diligence when looking to purchase such a tractor implement as it is a hefty investment. Our buying guide will point you in the right direction as to how you can go about this.

We have paid close attention to the design, construction, material, and price of countless grapples.

After careful deliberation, we narrowed down the list to only 8 products that have excelled in all of the above categories. They are the creme of the crop when it comes to both quality and utility!

1.Titan Attachments Grapple Bucket for Skid Steer

This product boasts excellent construction quality and a rugged build that will even outlast your tractor. The affordable price means it is a perfect choice for a budget grapple.

A weight of only 450 Lbs. and a small length of about 24" makes this well suited for compact tractors.

There are six slats on the bottom that are 9 inches apart. So, you easily hold moderate to large-sized debris. The universal skid steer style hookup lets it serve as a quick attach grapple.

Keep in mind that this will not be as effective in grabbing irregularly shaped objects as other dual lid tractor grapples. However, the open-sided design allows for the transportation of long pieces of timber.

Not to mention the opening width is decent and will let you grab objects up to 48" wide.

Specialized Department

The lightweight yet robust build makes such grapple suitable for simple jobs that a farmer or ranch owner might need to do. But it is unable to handle tasks that are required for commercial-scale work.

Also, digging and pulling rocks and tree roots from the ground might put too much stress on the slats and, therefore, not advisable.

What Sets This Apart

  • Single 3000 psi cylinder means fewer moving parts and points of failure
  • Gusseted teeth, with their additional reinforcement, allow enhanced durability
  • Flats faced couples and hoses are included in the purchase
  • Open sides allow easy transport of logs


  • Low competitive price
  • Simple to install and operate
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Good opening height


  • Not made for heavy-duty workloads

Our Experience With It

The product was shipped on schedule, and we saw no evidence of damage. After a straightforward hookup, we went about testing it out.

One thing that came out is that the hose was rather long, and its routing was not well thought out. We had to add extra support to prevent it from getting pinched. Other than that, this grapple performed admirably.


This grapple has no significant flaws, contrary to what its low price tag might suggest. If you own a small tractor that does not have much load capacity, this product's light and compact form will suit you perfectly.

2.Titan Attachments 72" Heavy-Duty Root Grapple

Unlike their previous product, the 72" grapple from Titan Attachments lends itself well to heavy workloads. It will let you save time and effort while clearing your property.

This is a dual lid grapple where each lid has its own 3000 psi cylinder and is thus capable of moving independently of each other. So, you can pick up those awkward and unevenly shaped objects without issue.

Another neat feature of this product is the cylinder back stoppers. They prevent the cylinder from overextending. Also, ensuring that the clamps don't get stuck in their upright position protects the joints from extra stress.

Specialized Department

This 72" grapple was designed with increased lifting capacity and a better-reinforced body. So, it performs well in landscaping jobs like removing tree roots and shrubs and transporting large rocks, timber, or even pipes.

But the increased weight prohibits its use with tractors that are too small.

What Sets This Apart

  • Hose springs keep the hydraulic line from getting kinked
  • Two 3000 psi cylinder provides a substantial load capacity
  • Back stoppers for the cylinders help maintain smooth operation
  • Parker style couplers compatible with most skid steer connectors


  • Durable and robust design
  • Able to handle uneven debris
  • Fits on a large variety of tractor models
  • Easy to attach


  • The hose can be too long

Our Experience With It

The grapple stood up well against all our quality control tests. All the parts were sturdy and well built. It performed up to the advertised standard, even exceeding it in some cases.


The practicality and reliability of this grapple are leagues above a lot of its competitors. It is undoubtedly one of the best tractor grapples for this price range.

3.Titan Attachments Mini Skid Steer Root Grapple 42"

Another ultralight grapple from Titan Attachments for non-commercial small-time users. You will be able to install it in a wide range of mini skid steers.

This product is mainly designed to be attached to toro-styled mountings. With only 318 Lbs. of weight, it can fit into compact tractors with low load capacity.

Now you can clean up your land of bushes, rocks, roots, and other debris without investing in overly large pieces of machinery.

Also, the hydraulic hose issue that a lot of Titan Attachment grapples have has been addressed with the implementation of a cylinder rod cover. This serves as a support and also protects the hose from getting pinched or damaged during operation.

Specialized Department

Like many other lightweight grapples, this product is well suited to tackle small jobs such as simple land clearance and transporting light debris with only a compact tractor.

However, the low load capacity of the tractor and grapple will prevent this from doing heavy-duty tasks. So, if you are someone who does need that capability, then you can consider purchasing a heavier model.

What Sets This Apart

  • The jaw can open up to 24" to allow for grabbing wide objects
  • The cylinder rod cover adds more protection for the hose
  • Adheres to a strict quality standard resulting in a rugged build
  • Open sides for picking up objects longer than their width


  • Lightweight construction
  • Cheap price tag
  • Compatible with a wide array of tractors
  • Solid design results in minor wear


  • Not suitable for commercial-grade work

Our Experience With It

Due to its low price and lightweight nature, we did not have many expectations regarding its performance. But we are happy to say this shattered our preconceptions and impressed us with its practicality and reliability.

It is elementary to see why this is one of the best root grapples for compact tractors available on the market.


All that being said, we won't be remiss to say this is the ultimate grapple for mini skid steers. It will give you a lot of bands for your buck.

4.Titan Attachments Stump Bucket Grapple

Sometimes a light grapple just won't do to remove that stubborn tree stump or to do some digging for your new project. But this product is one of the best tractor bucket grapples and can do just that without breaking a sweat.

A few design features make this grapple so suitable for digging. The three front teeth are made of cast iron and can be replaced if chipped or broken.

Also, the bucked is not slated, allowing it to be pushed into the earth with ease. The broad sides are also well suited to pick up dirt. The serrated teeth can firmly grab rocks, tree roots, and other debris.

However, you will not have to worry about damaging them as they are made of half an inch of heavy-duty steel, which gives them superior durability.

Specialized Department

As stated above, this grapple was designed for digging and cleaning stubborn objects. If you don't want to use it for other conventional purposes, then this can accomplish those as well to a certain degree.

For example, you can carry lumber with this, but without open sides, you can't pick up a large number of them at once. The best you can do is grab a few and hold them with the help of serrated teeth.

So, if you have to perform these jobs, additional specialized grapples are recommended.

What Sets This Apart

  • The lid can open up 90 degrees allowing it to tackle a broader range of jobs
  • A large bucket with high sides lets it carry even the most miniature objects
  • Manufactured with 0.5" high-grade steel for longer service life
  • Less taxing on the tractor’s powers with a weight of only 640 pounds


  • Replaceable teeth
  • Well suited for landscaping
  • Versatile in terms of functionality
  • No special hardware is required for installation


  • Couplings are prone to rusting if left exposed to the elements

Our Experience With It

The shipment took a bit more time than anticipated, but it arrived without visible damage. Upon further testing, we found the bolts to be made of softer material than the rest of its body.

Apart from that, this grapple is easy to operate and meets all our requirements.


This specialized product is unparalleled when it comes to its intended jobs. It will surely improve productivity and save a lot of your time.

5.Titan Attachments Extreme Skid Steer Root Grapple Rake Attachment 72"

Among the Titan attachment grapple lineup, this product is a bit on the heavier side. That said, the bulkiness is compensated by its staggering lifting capacity and ruggedness.

It comes equipped with two 3000 psi cylinders, giving it the necessary power to handle incredible amounts of weight. The clam shape further augments its capabilities by letting it hold rocks, logs, timber, shrubs, and other debris more efficiently.

Also, the single lid open side design may allow it to grip long, even objects. But this also means large, unevenly shaped rocks are harder to deal with.

The 50" opening height will let this grapple get its jaws around anything it might come across.

Specialized Department

As you might have realized by now, a hefty grapple like this is aimed toward more strenuous jobs. That's not to say it can't handle light workloads, but it is undoubtedly a bit overkill to use this only for such purposes.

So, you should carefully consider whether you need the extra muscle this machinery provides. If not, then buying this will only result in you wasting your hard-earned money.

What Sets This Apart

  • Twin 3000 psi hydraulic cylinder generates significant amounts of force
  • Half an inch of reinforced steel gives it superior durability
  • Clam shaped design for ease in holding more objects a once
  • Pins, bushings, hoses, and couplers are included in the package


  • Impressive opening height
  • Cast bucket teeth are replaceable
  • Saves time and effort in clearing land
  • Solid robust build


  • Not suitable for small tractors with a low weight capacity

Our Experience With It

The product arrived with some shipping damage in the form of a few bent pins. It was fixed quickly, and we proceeded to test the product's capabilities.

We had no issue piling enormous amounts of debris and digging up tree roots. Later inspection did not reveal any damage to indicate poor build quality.

Overall, its performance was entirely satisfactory, and we can confidently state that this takes the crown for the best root grapple among everything we reviewed.


If you have a large land that needs regular maintenance, this grapple will come in very handy. You can rest assured that such a product will be well worth your investment.

6.Titan Attachments 72" Skeleton Rock Grapple Rake

By far the heaviest grapple we have on the list, being able to breeze through intense commercial-grade work. Its capabilities are genuinely in a league of their own.

Having an outside width of 74" and 49" inches of depth makes this truly a behemoth. Coming in at 1050 Lbs., it also has the weight to match its girth.

For extra rigidity, the teeth have a thickness of 0.5 inches. You can bet this will pull out any obstacles with its massive jaws.

On top of that, this can haul a lot of material at once. So pilling stuff in a single spot for disposal can be done in a jiffy.

Specialized Department

Just the weight of this monster of a machine alone can overload a compact tractor, let alone carry extra materials.

So double and triple check this before purchase, as many customers have made the mistake of buying this even though their tractor doesn't have the means to support it!

What Sets This Apart

  • Features replaceable teeth that will help prolong its service life
  • The Skeleton frame makes this perfect for clearing rocks but leaving the dirt behind
  • Manufactured from 3"x3" steel tubing for extra reinforcement
  • Black protective coating makes it resistant to rust and corrosion


  • Huge lifting power
  • Easy installation
  • Fits on a large number of different tractor models
  • Heavy-duty build


  • The Hose configuration is poor and can get pinched by the cylinders

Our Experience With It

Although we saw some evidence of poor handling, it arrived without critical damage. Should yours have any severe damage, we recommend contacting customer care.

After that, we gather materials of various shapes and sizes to determine how well the grapple handles them. We were surprised to see the amount of debris it could grab!

But it seemed we had underestimated its mass and had to add more weight to the tractor's rear for safe operation. So, we recommend you keep paying close attention to your vehicle's center of gravity to make sure it is stable.


You will be hard-pressed to find a better option to handle ultra-heavy workloads than this beast. It is genuinely one of the best tractor grapples for sale.

7.Titan Attachments Root Grapple Bucket 60"

This jack of all trades grapple is suitable for an expansive set of workloads. It is an excellent option for those who do not need a specialized product or want to save a bit of cash.

One contributing factor to its versatility is its dual lid design. Two 3000 psi cylinders, each powering one lid, allow them to be controlled independently of each other.

Thus, grabbing unwieldy, awkwardly shaped objects becomes easier as two separate lids can provide more grip.

565 Lbs. puts it somewhere in the middle between the lightweight and ultra-heavy grapples. So, a wider variety of tractors can adopt this attachment while still being able to tackle somewhat intensive tasks.

Specialized Department

While it is a general-purpose grapple, it will still underperform specialized machines in that respective role. But this flexibility is its most vital selling point.

You might need to take on a wide variety of work in property management or landscaping projects. This grapple makes for a desirable choice for such customers.

What Sets This Apart

  • 4" thick bottom and half an inch thick top cast steel won't warp or bend easily while pushing various loads
  • Hose spring and protective canvas keep the hydraulic lines out of the way during operation
  • A green powder coat protects it from the elements
  • Has a decent weight capacity of 3000 Lbs.


  • Compatible with various John Deere tractors
  • Ideal for grabbing uneven loads
  • Excellent grip owing to the serrated bottom
  • Exceptional longevity


  • Connector not compatible with a John Deere SCV

Our Experience With It

During operation, we observed that the pins holding the cylinders have a tendency to dislodge. So, we had to find a more alternative.

Also, a hose extender with the proper connector had to be attached so that we could hook this up to our John Deere tractor. Other than that, we were able to operate this smoothly.


Despite its flaws, the fact remains that this is an excellent grapple with a lot to offer. We can attest to that after our stringent checks.

8.Titan Attachments Root Grapple Rake 72" Clamshell

As you might have noticed, our entire list consists of Titan Attachment grapples. That's because all their products are top of the line, and this one is no exception!

This attachment was made to withstand a lot of punishment. Manufactured from high-grade steel and half an inch thick teeth, you can expect it to have a long service life.

The universal skid steer hookup makes this adjustable to most Bobcat tractors. Open sides allow the transport of long logs and timber.

Along with its staggering lift capacity, this is undoubtedly the best grapple for tree work that money can buy!

Specialized Department

The lack of a solid bucket means you can't carry dirt or small debris, making it unsuitable for digging. However, this also allows pulling out rocks from the soil while leaving the earth behind.

What Sets This Apart

  • Quick hookups requiring no special hardware
  • Universal skid steer mounts allow a wider range of compatibility
  • Well suited for heavy-duty work
  • Can easily extract tree roots from the earth


  • Exceptional build quality
  • The black powder coat finish provides a pleasing aesthetic
  • Good fabrication and weld quality
  • Large carrying capacity


  • Small opening height

Our Experience With It

The product was shipped in a sturdy wooden crate. After putting it together, we noticed that the hydraulic line was poorly placed. So, we had to route it through the driver-side keeper to stop it from being pinched.

The overall performance afterward left no room for complaints.


This grapple provides a good mix of features at a low price point. We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised by its utility.

Things To Consider When Buying a Root Grapple for Tractor

There are some basics you should know about to make a viable choice when it comes to purchasing a grapple for your tractor.

We have interviewed some very experienced owners of such pieces of machinery and consulted our own research. The findings were compiled into a few key points that would allow you to choose the best grapple for your daily needs.

Construction Material

Tractor grapplers are used to picking up and carrying rather heavy loads. This puts significant amounts of strain on them. So, using a solid material like steel is essential to make sure the implement lasts a long time.

Mediocre quality materials with a yield strength of 50,000 psi led to warping and cracks.

Number of Lids

Based on the number of lids, tractor grapples can be broadly divided into the single lid or dual lid models.

The two lids/arms in a dual lids grapple can move independently from each other. This makes them well suited to grab uneven objects.

A single lid model will only be able to grab the widest part of the said uneven object, resulting in a loose grip. However, they are less complex and not as prone to breakdowns.

So, pick your model type based on your applications.

Spacing of the Twines

If you want just to carry just lumber, then a grapple with large twine spacing will suffice. But working with smaller stuff like rocks or branches requires small spacing to hold the debris properly.

Some people even opt for bucket grapples to carry earth, gravel, and other loose materials.


It would not be an understatement to say that this is one of the most crucial aspects to consider when planning to buy a grapple. Pay close attention to the load capacity of your tractor.

If you buy a large and bulky grapple, you may not be able to carry much without exceeding that limit. So go with the most lightweight one that can still satisfy your requirements.

Make sure not to go for a grapple that's too small, or else you then be limited by its operating capacity. In this case, you need to strike a proper balance.

Hoses and Couplers

Any grapple will still need hydraulics to function, and you need to double-check that the hose is up to standard to withstand the high pressure.

Also, check for compatibility between the couplers of your tractor and grapple. It is better to avoid the additional cost and hassle of purchasing them separately.

Cylinder Pins, Rods, and Other Moving Parts

These are all key components of the machine. Due to their roles, they tend to wear out with time. This is unavoidable, and you can't do much about it.

But regular maintenance can last longer. However, try to avoid grapples with proprietary parts. Because once you have to replace failed components, it is better to have them readily available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a root grapple?

Root grapples are a type of tractor loader attachment. They are hydraulic devices that can be used to pick up and move heavy objects. They can also clear shrubs and clear the land.

Should I buy a grapple for the tractor?

If you have a large area of land that needs to be regularly cleared of debris, a grapple may be useful to you.

It could also come in hand for a farmstead owner with lots of woodlands. These are excellent for transporting lumber and removing the roots of the trees that were cut.

What are the different types of grapples?

There are many types of grapples that serve similar purposes. What sets each apart is how they specialize in a single role.

Rake grapple, grapple bucket, rock grapple, lumber grapple, and fork grapple are the common types found on the market.

What does a root rake do?

They mainly specialize in picking up irregular-shaped objects while leaving behind smaller rocks. That can also be used to remove roots from underneath the soil.

What is a rock grapple?

A rock grapple can clear unwanted rocks and debris while shifting through the soil. On top of that, some models come with a crossbar to somewhat level the ground.

How much does a grapple cost?

The price of a grapple can vary wildly depending on the type and features. They can range from $800 to $4000.

Which is better, root grapple vs. rake grapple?

Both types are remarkably similar in their functionality. If you just need to clear the ground by removing materials, either one will do.

But for unloading debris to containers or trucks, a grapple rake is the way to go.

Does Kubota make grapples?

While Kubota is mainly known as a manufacturer of tractors, they also have their own lineup of several root, manure, claw, and rock grapples.


Tractor grapples are versatile pieces of machinery able to perform a plethora of different tasks. They see rather heavy use in the forestry industry. As a result, we are seeing an upward trend in their sales over the years.

But without any prior knowledge rushing off to buy one of these expensive implements is not a bright idea. Our guide will teach you to recognize good products and avoid bad ones. You can also look at our list of best root grapples for tractors if you are having a hard time making up your mind.

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