MTL vs. Titan Grapple – Know It Right

Trees can often cause discomfort to people by disrupting proper lighting and airflow in their homes. Moreover, some trees shed a large number of leaves which can become a headache. So, you might as well consider getting rid of it.

Choosing the correct type of grapple for your tractor is absolutely necessary for this sort of task, provided you don’t want to leave your backyard messy after cutting them down.

MTL and Titan grapple – both brands are best suitable for compact tractors. However, if you’re looking for operation power between the two, Titan Grapple is better as it offers better overall output.

Both the brands are suitable for general people. But from a detailed overview of MTL vs. Titan grapples, you can get a much deeper understanding of the brands and easily differentiate between them.

Head to Head – Quick Comparison

The grapple brands MTL and Titan have great potential as they primarily work with light loads. However, both the grapples also have some differences that set them apart from each other.

Some of these factors are:



Titan Grapple

Maximum Clamp Opening



Maximum Height



Maximum Weight

1202 lbs.

970 lbs.

Number of Cylinders

Single cylinder

Single and twin cylinders

MTL Vs. Titan Grapple

Here’s a detailed breakdown comparing both grapples. Be sure to check it out if you’ve decided on getting one.


MTL is a pretty well-known model which is super compatible with compact tractors. Regardless of their massive strength, these grapples are primarily used with lightweight tractors.

People can use the MTL CV 60 Grapple to clean up logs and debris lying on their property. This unit is ideal for this sort of task as they can quickly move logs, leftover parts, or any type of debris.

Titan also makes grapples suitable for compact-sized tractors but works better with tractors with smaller skid steering. Because it does not consist of sides, the open-ended structure allows the tractor to operate loads wider than 48″.

For example, the Titan LW48BUCKET 48″ is an extraordinary lightweight grapple designed for compact tractors. This grapple costs very few bucks and is very much within the limits of one’s affordability.

Build Quality

MTL is renowned for providing massive strength to its products. The products are manufactured in their factories in the USA, and that’s why they can ensure the best quality.

The strength of their products mainly comes from the fantastic solid steel structure. MTL grapple for John Deere is manufactured from premium-quality steel that exceeds the base lifting capacity of the tractor.

Titan’s grapples are famous for their durable nature because of the perfect combination of premium quality tubular steel cross-sections and gusseted teeth. As stated earlier, this brand has very lightweight products that mostly range around the 500-pound mark.

Operation Power

The products of MTL are best compatible with compact tractors that range from 40 HP and smaller.

A great thing about the grapples of this brand is their high-quality cylinders that can clamp uneven objects. These cylinders work like magic and help the grapple to operate smoothly. MTL XT series root rock demolition grapple is an MTL product with a 38″ extra deep capacity.

Titan has a unique lid design that’s constructed of thick plastic. Moreover, the layer is also reinforced with bracelets. Along with all of this, the grapples of this company are powered by enormous single or twin 3,000 PSI cylinders.

Grip Strength

Most MTL grapples use hydraulic cylinders. So, the strength of the grips shouldn’t be an issue here.

Moreover, the MTL grapples can even open up to a height of around 35″, which is enormous. The teeth of the MTL grapple are extra-wide, and they’re also serrated to offer better gripping power.

The serrated edges of the Titan provide fantastic grip and tear through roots and bushes easily. Although the mounting process might differ from the John Deere quick attach grapple, getting it ready for a task shouldn’t be that tiring.

Final Verdict

The debate on MTL vs. Titan grapple is a never-ending one. Because it’ll eventually depend upon one’s circumstances and preference. However, if you ask us to choose one for you, we’d definitely go for the Titan Grapple as it offers more power. If perfection is your preference, you know which one to get.

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