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How to Clean a Convertible Top Mustang – Steps With Do’s & Don’ts For The Mustang Hunks!

Do your brand new Mustang looks like a vintage one just because of that stubborn dirt that won't come off? Then you are in the right place.

Don’t worry. Because this article will tell you how to clean convertible top no matter how bad the situation is.

You can make it shine again by cleaning and using a protectant coat to prevent early aging.

How to clean a Mustang convertible top?

Are you worried about how to wash a convertible top? Then leave all those tensions behind.

Here is all the information you need to know about washing:

Compulsory stuff:

You need to arrange few things before digging into the details. If you are thinking, “what can I use to clean a convertible top?” Here is the list of required products:

  • Hosepipe
  • Lint remover
  • Soft brush attached vacuum cleaner
  • Detergent free car wash
  • Terry cotton fabric
  • Top cover protectant
  • Dryer ( not mandatory)

Step-by-step instructions:

Do you know How long does a mustang convertible top last? It's just 7-13 years. But with the right cleaning technique, you can make it last longer than that.

Following some steps can make your top shiny and dirt-free. Here is a step-by-step guideline to help you wash the top:

Step 01:

Remove all the heavy contaminants with the help of a vacuum with a soft bristle brush. Then gently roll a lint remover to get rid of the excess dirt and bristles residues.

Step 02:

After the 1st step cleansing, you need to use a long enough hosepipe to rinse the whole top to prevent the dust particle from getting stuck in the wrinkles.

Step 03:

Get a good non-detergent toxic chemicals-free car washer. Keep an update about what is the best cleaner for a convertible top like Ragtop and Surf city garage.

Put the required amount of car washer and start rubbing gently with a terry towel or a nylon brush. Be very smooth with the wiping part.

Step 04:

When the cover is fully coated with soap, wash again with the water hose to get rid of extra soap bubbles. Don't let it sit for a long time, as it dries quickly.

Step 05:

Keep the cover crease-free for drying. For speeding up drying use a leaf blower. You can also use a gentle and soft cleaning cloth to wipe it down.

Step 06:

Get a nice protectant spray. If your car top is not made of water-repelling material like vinyl, then don't skip this to keep your top clean for a longer period.

Lastly, you need to get the car top ready before conditioning. Make sure the top is properly dry and free from dirt, mold, or even bristles.

Keep at least 8 inches gap between the nozzle of the spray and the cover. Now spray the protectant all over the top equally with small splashes including the stitches.

Keep in mind before cleaning:

The cleansing procedure of vinyl and fabric is not the same. For determining the material simply pour water on the top. If the water droplets are floating then the material would be vinyl and if it's not then it's the fabric one.

Stay away from any DIY homemade convertible top cleaner that contains bleaching agent, ammonia, and other harmful chemicals. Use the non-detergent cleaner formulated specifically for the car roof covers.

Do's and Don’t:

Here are some dos and don’ts about How do you clean a fabric convertible top to check on:

Things you should do

Things you shouldn’t do

Double cleanse your car top

Don't let the soap stay for more than 2-3 minutes.

Use non-detergent and toxins-free cleaners.

Use non-detergent and toxins-free cleaners.

Don't use any random household washing agents or even car shampoo.

Be gentle while wiping the top with soap.

Don't use any rough fabric or brushes with hard bristles.

Bone dry the convertible top before spraying the protectant.

Don’t slide the protectant spray bottle too fast.

Each stroke of the protectant spray should overlap each other by 50%.

Don't forget to wrap the windows before spraying.

Is car wash places are worthy?

Are you wondering, “Can you take a convertible Mustang through a car wash?” Look at all this information to find out.

If the washing place is specifically designed for cars with convertible top or uses a soft bristle brush, then it's ok to take your car for a car wash. Otherwise don't do it.

The representative of the brand Monique Brentley recommended washing the top with hand. Because the Mustang convertible top vinyl or fabric is weaker than the whole body. So hand wash is the best option here.


The sustainability of the car depends on how you clean a Mustang convertible top. So don't mess up with the steps because proper cleansing helps to get rid of your bills of car washing places. Hope this article will be beneficial for you.

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