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How To Remove Double Sided Tape From Car Door – That Easy!

It happens so often that the door of your precious car will get residue from tapes
and stickers. After a year or two, you might not even like the stickers. The chances
are that you would want it removed. Removing a sticker can be a hassle. If you are
not following the correct procedure, it might even damage and reduce the car's

How To Remove Double Sided Tape From Car Door

In this article, we will walk you through just some of the ways you can get rid of or
remove that doubled side tape from the car door. Just make sure to follow them,
and you will have your car door looking brand new in no time!


Be careful not to apply the heat gun in the same area for a longer time. If you do, it
will damage the site. You might even hurt yourself. While using the heat gun,
remain cautious and vigilant. It is a practical tool, and if not handled properly, you
can damage your car.

Heat application

Step 1

Grab the heat gun and fire it away at the tape. It will loosen the tape a bit. The
adhesive qualities of the tape will be reduced and degraded. Some heat guns are
very powerful. This is how to unstick double-sided tape.

Step 2

While the heat gun is weakening the bond of the tape, try to leverage the parts of
the residue with your hand. If you are not comfortable with your hands, you can
use panel tools.

Step 3

Try to do this work in spells. Apply the heat gun for the first few moments. After
that, use the panel tools and hands to rub off the residue. After using the heat gun
again. Continue the process/cycle until the residue entirely comes off.
This method will remove the double-sided tape from car.

Using a decal remover

Decal removers are a rubber-like inexpensive tool.

Step 1

You will find a nut and screw to attach it with a drill machine gun. Now rotate the
decal remover with the drill machine gun. Use it so that the circumference of the
decal remover comes in touch with the surface of the sticker or tape residue.

Step 2

How fast you want to rotate will depend upon how much the tape or sticker has
baked in. If the tape is still paste-like, use the gun slowly and in short bursts. If the
tape is all dried up, use the gun in longer spells and at faster speeds.

Step 3

Decal remover is not a tool that is meant to last long. It’s a tool that will help you
only with one door work. That’s why it is pretty cheap and easy to use. The soft
material used in this tool will not scuff the door or damage it any way. That’s why
in our book, it is the best method for this kind of job.

Final Words

Lastly, before you use the methods that are mentioned here, wash the car properly.
Try using WD-40 or goof-off. If those don’t work, follow this process. This was
our guide on how to remove double-sided tape from the car body. We hope you
found it helpful.

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