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How to Install Range AFM Disabler? – 3 Easy Steps!

If you want your ride to have the full-throttle while pushing the gas mileage to the peak, you should use a Range AFM disabler. Greater mileage, greater performance, what more could you possibly need, right?

However, installing this thing can give you a hard time if you don’t know how to install Range AFM disabler in the easiest ways possible.

No worries, I’m going to make it easy for you. Today’s the day you learn how you can install the Range AFM disabler perfectly. Here’s the simple DYI.

AFM and AFM Disabler – What and Why?

Before we jump into the final discussion, you need to have some basic idea over the AFM. That'll make it easier for you to have a clear concept over the whole topic if you're new to it.

What’s an AFM?

The AFM (Active Fuel Management) is a technology that was meant to push the gas mileage of a vehicle to a greater extent.

What it mainly does is it shuts half of the cylinders down to keep the gas-consumption to a lower level. It happens only when the car is in a light load condition.

The system triggers the fuel consumption to reduce up to a percentage of 5 to 7. You might know it as the Cylinder Deactivation system as well. At first glance, it may look like a flawless mechanism, but like every coin, it has the other side too.

Some of the most common problems people faced so far with AFM is whenever it switches to 8 cylinders from 4, they notice a loud squeak. Sometimes it makes weird noise while switching from 4 cylinders to 8, and it doesn't matter what speed your truck is at.

The AFM Disabler

There have been cases of a system failure of AFM, which has ultimately ended in creating issues with oil consumption. So, this is why people started to look for a way to disable the AFM system when necessary. Thankfully, the Range AFM Disabler jumped in to do that as a solution.

There are certain advantages attained by the driver while using a Range AFM disabler. First of all, it doesn’t let the computer switch your car’s mode to 4-cylinder. So, what ultimately happens is, it doesn’t allow the AFM to get activated. Moreover, you’ll get a superb exhaust sound to get a beasty vibe on the road.

How to Install Range AFM Disabler

Installing the AFM disabler is no joke, but with the right steps, things become pretty easy. It’s more like a plug and play thing. Check them out below, so that you can install it all by yourself, without rushing to your mechanic for it.

Step – 1: Plugging-in

One thing you should always keep in mind while installing a Range AFM disabler is you should never keep your engine running at the time of the installation. So, first, turn off your engine if it’s on. Then, check under the dashboard; right below the steering, you’ll see an OBD-II port. Plug the Range device in it.

Step – 2: Checking Blue Light

After you plug the device in, check out if any blue light is being turned on or not. It's the indication of the device being connected. If you do not see the light at all, then check if the OBD-II fuse is okay or not.

Step – 3: Ensuring Operationality

Now get the vehicle started. Go for a run, and the device will work whenever you are running the vehicle.

A Reminder for the Users!

You need to keep a few things in mind while using a Range AFM Disabler. In case you keep your vehicle idle in the garage for more than 3-4 days without taking it out for a ride, then keep the Range uninstalled or unplugged for that time.

Do the same before you go to the mechanic for running a diagnostic on your car or truck. It’s because, for scanning the vehicle, the mechanic will need to connect the OBD-II scanning tool to your car. For that, he'll need to use the OBD-II port. So, to keep his/her work less hassling, keep the Range uninstalled.

Final Words

Now that you know how to install Range AFM disabler, you can install one with closed eyes, and it won't let you regret, for sure. Now you can keep the ride on V8 mode as long as you want. You won’t have to miss all those racing vibes any more when you have your hands on the steering.

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