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4.6 Ford Engine Problems/ Failures with Pro Solutions!

Hurts right? When your sweetheart is having issues and you can't even fix her problems, that's pathetic! Well then, good news is don't worry we have got you covered. Let's have a smooth ride with this article and we assure you your babe is gonna be alright real soon.

The 4.6 Ford engine is very popular because of its effectiveness. It offers a great fuel economy as well as it can run over 200,000 miles.

But things will go wrong if you fail to maintain it properly. Because it requires fair maintenance (such as repairing and replacing the components when needed) to get the best advantage from the engine.

Fear not, if you are facing 4.6 ford engine problems as this article contains every relevant information regarding this topic. 

Let’s get to know all in detail.   

Most common problems are overheating, problematic starter solenoid, faulty oil pressure sensor, problematic catalytic converter, failed fuel pump, defective catalytic converter, faulty EGR valve, and many more reasons are there why you find your 4.6 ford engine in problem. Also, it may shut down, emit black smoke which are the signs of unusual ford engines.

Now Let's dive into the details why these occur and let's sort these out.  

9 Most Common Problems of 4.6 Ford Engine

We mentioned the most common problems a 4.6 ford engine may face. If you are not in a hurry, feel free to wade through the detailed information below. 

problem - 1: Overheating

One of the most common problems that occur in 4.6 ford engines is overheating. It can occur in any 4.6 engine. However, in most cases, overheating occurs in less maintenance F-150 versions and the older versions. 

Why does this happen? Well, you may know that there is coolant housing to control the engine temperature. If there is any problem with the cooling component (e.g. cracked coolant hose), then it leads to overheating your 4.6 ford engine. 

Solution: To check for the signs first, open the hood. Now, let the engine cool down and then remove the radiator cap. Start the engine again and let it run fast (1,500rpm). If you see that the coolant flow is quite inactive, then the problem is the thermostat. And, it is time you should replace the thermostat without a delay.  

problem -2: 4.6 Engine Shuts Down by Itself

Did you ever face something like- you insert the key and start your car, it starts for a couple of seconds and then shuts down? And, you keep trying without getting an expected result…

This is a common 4.6 ford engine problem that a lot of users out there face. Actually, the F-150 pickup contains an EGR valve. And, it inspects the gas pipe. There is a ‘gas tube reduction valve’ that directs the gas tube in the manifold outlet. 

Thing that matters here is, the gas has to be cool before entering the engine. Because this process will keep your engine clean and let it run rightly. Or, the engine will shut down.

Solution: To solve the shutting down, try to take the intake off on the front of the throttle body. It should lead to the engine starting and running. 

problem -3: Problem with the Starter Solenoid

If you see that your ford is not turning over and crank, then there is a problem with the starter solenoid. The starter solenoid plays an important role to close the starter circuit. And, this process lets the starter to work. 

Solution: Now, if you find the solenoid fails, there is a short fix. You can use a screwdriver to skip the connection manually. But things will get better if you replace the solenoid.

problem -4: Engine Emits Black Smoke

The engine emits black smoke means that there is an unusual air-to-fuel ratio. This means insufficient oxygen is burning the gas. 

Maybe your car is burning a huge amount of gasoline. You will smell the badly burned gas if things are like these. What causes it to occur so? 

Check if the fuel injectors are clogged. If it is, enough diesel will not inject into your engine. Another reason is blocked air intake. When the air intake is blocked, the engine will not take enough air no matter how much the fuel injector is spraying the right amount of fuel. 

Solution: Make sure you clean the clogged fuel injectors so that a fair amount of fuel can spread in the cylinder. If you purchase a new injector, then having a common rail-fuel injection is better. Also, clean or replace the clogged air intake as the air can reach the cylinder

problem - 5: Problematic Ignition Coil

The ignition coil system is a great feature of ford that gives your car a huge power during reducing both fuel commission and emission. 

You will find performance issues easily if there is a faulty ignition. It may lead your car to face misfires, loss in power, reduction in gas mileage, and a rough idle. 

The very first thing you should do is to inspect if the coil pack’s wiring harness is connected. In case, you find the harness is disconnected, then plug it in and check how it operates then. 

Solution: Check if the COP (Coil-On-Plug) ignition coil connectors are broken or damaged. Then remove the COP if you suspect that bad and get a new one.

problem - 6:Issues with the EGR Valve

What the job EGR valve does is to inspect the gas pipe and control the exhausted gas flow into the intake manifold. The mostly seen problem with EGR valves is leaks in the diaphragm. 

To inspect what’s wrong with your EGR valve, start the engine first, and observe how the EGR valve is moving. It should move up and down very smoothly. If things are not okay, then your EGR valve is damaged and needs to be cleaned immediately or replaced. 

Solution:  If things are not okay, then your EGR valve is damaged and needs to be cleaned immediately or replaced. However, get help from a qualified mechanic to check things out and take an actionable step.  

problem - 7:Faulty Oil Pressure Sensor

‘The oil pressure sensor’ feature of ford tells you whether there is proper oil pressure in the system or not. In case the sensor is failed you may face that the oil pressure gauge drops out for moments.

Solution: To observe things, go and disconnect the harness sensor. Then, use an open-end wrench to remove the oil sensor. And, if things are not okay, then installing a new sensor would be great. 

problem - 8:Problematic Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter works to filter the toxins or any harmful contaminants from the exhaust. 

If you find the engine is dramatically losing its power and the acceleration is not the same as before, then you may have a jammed catalytic converter.

Solution: Do not ignore if it is a clogged catalytic converter, make sure you repair it immediately or replace it. Moreover, some users want to go cat-less. But going cat-less is illegal depending on where you live. Also, it smells very bad under the seat when you go cat-less.  


problem- 9:Issues with the Fuel Pump

If you struggle to start the engine (e.g. it doesn’t start or start abruptly), then chances are there are problems with the fuel pump. The fuel pump is to create high-pressure for your fuel injection system.

Solution: If any fuel pump device corrodes, then the fuel pressure will not be stored. So, you need to replace the fuel pump if any problem like this arises. Also, to check the fuse cover, remove it gently. If the fuse cover is blown, then replace it too.  

Final Words

So, yes, this is all we stored for you. Hopefully, by reading this article, you have a crystal clear idea about the 4.6 ford engine problems. And if you wanna find out the hidden potentials of your vehicle , there're some amazing tuners on the market, these will eventually make your beast smoother and faster. Try those and fly!

However, as we added the symptoms and solutions to the problem, you and your car will smile again! Good luck!

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