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Best Diesel Fuel Additive Duramax [ Top 7 ]

If you own a Chevrolet Silverado or GMC Sierra HD that isn’t performing correctly or takes a long time to start in cold weather, you may want to consider adding a diesel fuel additive.

There are a variety of benefits to using the best diesel fuel additives. These chemicals contribute to developing a more efficient engine and fuel system. They may, however, result in extra benefits such as enhanced horsepower and lower diesel emissions. The additives have been shown to prevent diesel from gelling as well.

It’s always wise to keep an eye on the fuel level if you have a heavy-duty pickup truck or SUV. Also, mixing additives with diesel fuel can improve engine efficiency, protect the fuel, reduce engine wear, and boost stability - all of which benefit the vehicle.

But how would you know which Duramax diesel fuel additive is the best for your vehicle? As thousands of alternatives are on the market, finding the best diesel fuel additive Duramax might be tricky. However, after extensive research, we've done the legwork for you by filtering down the top seven diesel fuel additives for Duramax engines.

In case if you're in a hurry , check our top 3 conquerors! 


We’ve enrolled all seven of our additives, considering their attributes, market value, and pricing. So pick the one you like most and see how it compares to the others.

We guarantee that any of our selected diesel fuel additives will meet or exceed your expectations. The reason for this is that we’ve only picked up the most cost-effective items. Let's jump right into the review section!

1. Hot Shot's Secret HSSEDT16ZS Diesel Treatment

Hot Shot's Secret line of products provides problem-specific remedies to diesel truck users across the United States and the world. Unlike other diluted bottled items commonly seen in supermarkets, these diesel additives are highly concentrated and impactful formulations.

Hot Shot's "Everyday Diesel Treatment" will not only reduce fuel economy but will also stabilize your fuel and distribute moisture, maintaining your Sierra's engine in better shape.

From enhanced horsepower to a reduced number of DPF cycles, the 16-ounces diesel additive has many advantages. This composition keeps injectors clean, neutralizes acids, provides lubrication, and protects against rust and corrosion – all of these benefits contribute to a machine’s performance.

All in all, EDT is one of the best diesel fuel additive Duramax out on the current market.

Specialized Department

Hot Shot's Secret contains a cetane booster. Everyday diesel formulation enhances the performance of your Duramax engine. This cetane booster utilizes proprietary nitrates to enhance the combustion process, increasing power and mileage by up to 7 points.

What Sets This Apart

  • Special EDT demulsifier distributes condensed moisture
  • Meets low sulfur content requirement for use in diesel vehicles
  • Promotes cetane by up to 7 points
  • Corrosion protection layer on the metal surface


  • Adds lubricity to boost fuel economy and functionality
  • Corrosion and rust protection
  • Keeps injectors, valves clean and neutralizes acids
  • Prevents sludge and gum accumulation


  • It lacks a funnel, which makes pouring difficult

Our Experience With It

What fascinates us about Hot Shot's Secret EDT is its cetane booster. This enhances performance and promotes fuel economy while also maintaining the cleanliness of the injectors. One use of this is sufficient to demonstrate how well it improves engine performance.


Hot Shot's Secret EDT contains a cetane booster and unique ingredients to fix all of your engine issues for those who want a daily treatment for Duramax engines.

This diesel fuel additive is fully ashless; it has no negative impact on engine components. Because of its low sulfur concentration, it's okay to use in diesel engines across the country.


2. Opti-Lube Xtreme Lubricant Diesel Fuel Additive

Whether it’s snow, rain, or sun, Opti-lube Xtreme performs well in any condition. Opti-Lube Xtreme diesel fuel additive aims to maintain your engine running at its peak performance.

This fuel additive is sure to enhance the lubricity properties for its ultra-low sulfur level, allowing you to play more with greater ease. This composition is entirely safe regardless of the type of diesel engine you have, LB7, LBZ, LLY, or LML.

It also serves as a demulsifier, keeping water out of the diesel fuel and extending its lifespan twice. So, you’ll always see a boost in engine performance when using this in your fuel system.

Specialized Department

This diesel fuel additive has been proven to upgrade fuel mileage, helping you to get more for your money. In the heat of summer, you'll appreciate the extra power you'll have thanks to improved fuel economy.

What Sets This Apart

  • High lubricity concentration
  • Engineered to use in ultra-low sulfur diesel
  • Compatible on almost all emission systems
  • Minimizes emissions and deposits


  • Improves the storage life of fuels
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Compatible with biodiesel
  • Boosts power and cetane


  • The little bottles may leak through the plastic’s pores

Our Experience With It

We're pleasantly surprised by how well it performs in the sweltering summer heat. Thanks to its more excellent fuel economy, you’ll find enhanced power for summer driving.


Opti-Lube Xtreme's fuel additive is the best solution for your engine's fuel system or if you're looking to boost overall engine functionality. Almost any engine emission system can benefit from this fuel additive.


3. Power Service 3080-06 6 Pack Diesel Kleen+Cetane Boost

Buying a container of Power Service Fuel Additive is the best way to ensure your vehicle's long-term health. This additive does a lot more for your fuel system, engine, and automobile – it’ll reduce internal and external sludge, boost cetane number, and prevent corrosion.

New technology is necessary to leverage the value of today's cleaning fuels. It helps restore lost power and efficiency and smooths out rough-running motors. Diesel Kleen can be used in all seasons, though it’s not an antigel or diesel fuel winterizer.

Another benefit of Power Service is that it cleans as well lubricates injectors, pumps. This 80 ounce Power Service additive prevents wear on engine components. This additive is safe to use in any season.

Specialized Department

Suppose you're looking for a reliable diesel fuel additive to use during the winter season. In that case, Power Service is an excellent choice since it's designed for use at temperatures below 30°.

What Sets This Apart

  • Boost cetane value up to 6
  • Comprises of Slick Diesel for optimal fuel lubrication
  • Reduces injector sticking in older and HPCR systems
  • Efficient in all diesel engines


  • Cleans pumps, fuel injectors
  • Protects injectors against wear
  • Perfect for winter temperatures below +30° F
  • Restore fuel economy and lost power


  • Need to apply with caution since it contains harmful ingredients

Our Experience With It

This diesel Kleen boosts cetane number up to 6, making your engine run more smoothly with minimal power lag, and offers a fast cold start. As a result, there is no longer any need to downshift.


With this in the fuel system, you’ll achieve better fuel mileage and acceleration. This fuel additive also eliminates the requirement for an engine replacement as a result of its improved performance.


4. Stanadyne Performance Diesel Fuel Additive

All-season and all-purpose fuel additive Stanadyne is here to solve any fuel-related problem. This fuel additive is a perfect match for any diesel engine, including Ford, AM General, GM, Navistar, and much more.

The additive in Stanadyne Diesel Performance Formula is designed to address the needs of your engine. That's because of the detergent in the container, which serves to clear the injection system and make it run more efficiently.

As a bonus, Stanadyne diesel fuel additive acts as a cetane improver. This improves the combustion process, which results in smooth engine starting, comfortable riding, and less engine noise.

Specialized Department

A cetane booster and particular components ensure that Stanadyne diesel additive fits the needs of any machine or fuel system. As a result, the exhaust after-treatment systems of your car will not be affected.

What Sets This Apart

  • Averts accelerated wear and corrosion
  • Designed for low sulfur fuel
  • Alcohol-free solution
  • Cetane improver for better combustion


  • Eliminates smokes and deposits
  • Alleviates fuel consumption
  • Restore lubricity for smooth running
  • Remove water droplets from diesel fuel


  • Small containers may create difficulties for commercial use

Our Experience With It

We really love this diesel fuel additive for its multifunctional features. It cleans and protects your injection pump and nozzle while preventing corrosion, water absorption, and increased wear and tear with its alcohol-free solution.


This additive can elevate the diesel gel point by 40 degrees and the fuel's ice-up temperature by 25 degrees when your fuel has a gelling risk. This means that if you need to drive in the morning, you may have a smooth start by adding this to your diesel fuel.

Plus, a biodiesel blend of up to 20% can be used with the mix for cleaner fuel use.

5. Opti-Lube Summer+ Formula Diesel Fuel Additive

If you wish to increase fuel economy or avoid fuel pump failure in your Duramax LBZ, Opti-Lube summer+formula diesel fuel additive is an excellent choice. The goal of the Opti-Lube diesel additive is to operate the engine at its peak performance.

With Opti-Lube diesel additive, you’ll always notice an improvement in the lubricity as well as fuel mileage. When residue accumulates in your fuel injectors, your engine performs less efficiently.

The Summer+ Cetane composition of Opti-Lube cleans injectors while also assisting in preventing future build-up. This contributes to the reduction of deposits and pollution.

On top, Opti-Lube performs in both rain and shine. It works all year to strengthen your truck's performance.

Specialized Department

Diesel fuel degrades more thermally in the summer, and fuel prices tend to rise in tandem. This summer+cetane diesel fuel additive is specifically formulated for warm weather to improve fuel mileage and reduce fuel breakdown.

What Sets This Apart

  • Improve cetane value up to 5-7 points
  • Each quart serves 640 gallons of fuel
  • Upgrades lubricity above 22%
  • Efficient performance on a bumpy road


  • Protection from residue buildup
  • Reduced engine noise
  • Results in enhanced MPG
  • Best for summer driving


  • No significant changes in mileage

Our Experience With It

Once you put this additive in your fuel tank, you’ll see a boost in your vehicle function. Whether you ride your car in the summer or cold season, it’ll give you the best out of your diesel fuel system.


Anyone searching for a diesel fuel additive compatible with all car emission systems can easily opt for it due to its unique formulation.


6. Hot Shot's Secret P040432Z Diesel Extreme

Want to rejuvenate your vehicle’s fuel system? Do you wish to restore your engine's original power? Then Hot Shot's Secret P040432Z Diesel Extreme would be your perfect choice!

This multifunction diesel fuel additive is formulated to add to all diesel engines, such as pickup trucks, farm equipment, and autos. After adding a dose of diesel Extreme to your vehicle’s fuel system, there is always an increase in performance power.

It’s efficient in middle distillate fuel to increase fuel economy, improve ignition, maintain fuel stabilization, and clean condition. Plus, Hot Shot’s secret P040432Z is best to restore throttle responses.

Specialized Department

Diesel Extreme is a concentrated cleaner that eliminates internal as well as external injector deposits. It also contains a top-level cetane improver, fuel stabilizer, and lubricity additive to deliver maximum output.

What Sets This Apart

  • Concentrated formula that restores throttle responses
  • Enhances cetane by 7 PTS
  • Efficiently reduces black smoke
  • Improvement in fuel mileage and lubricity


  • Cleans tank, fuel line, and cylinder
  • Compatible with most diesel engines
  • Improve combustion process and ignition efficiency
  • Prevents unresponsive throttle responses


  • Not appropriate for gasoline vehicles

Our Experience With It

It increases your fuel’s cetane by seven points, restoring the factory-installed throttle response to your vehicle after thousands of miles on the odometer.

You'll always be able to appreciate how well it performs when it comes to resolving engine-related concerns such as black smoke, unresponsive throttle, and inefficient fuel consumption.


This concentrated formulation with a cetane booster ensures a smooth and effortless ride regardless of where you ride your car.

7. STA-BIL (22254) Diesel Fuel Additive

STA-BIL 22254 diesel fuel additive is a one-of-a product that can help you get the best possible out of your fuel. This fuel stabilizer improves the performance of your diesel engine.

The bottle holds 32 ounces of the product. After each fill-up, it’s entirely safe to be used on all diesel engines. One ounce of liquid serves 10 gallons of fuel; therefore, the rate is straightforward. 

The Sta-Bil Diesel Fuel Stabilizer formula helps eliminate water, lubricates and cleans fuel injectors, and minimizes sludge and sediment buildup.

Specialized Department

Specially formulated, STA-BIL additive holds diesel freshness for an entire year. Your engine will be able to begin more quickly and so perform better.

What Sets This Apart

  • Secure for all diesel vehicles
  • Keeps fuel fresh for a year
  • Cleans and lubricates the fuel system
  • The treat rate is about 1 oz to 10 gallons


  • Prevents sediment and sludge accumulation
  • Enhances the diesel fuel storage
  • Effective result in diesel and biodiesel
  • Removes water to improve performance


  • Has no cetane booster

Our Experience With It

Adding a diesel fuel additive might help to keep the engine clean. It's common to think of these items as cleaners, which is why they can help keep diesel engines in better condition.

When used with a non-additive formula,  STA-BIL additive can even protect the diesel engine from the harm caused by ethanol fuel.   


With an exclusive formulation, this diesel fuel additive cleans as well as lubricates the fuel system. It can even keep diesel clean for up to a year.


Things To Consider Before Buying Diesel Fuel Additive For Duramax

While it’s about choosing a diesel fuel additive for Duramax engines, there are some points you should evaluate. However, if you use poor-quality diesel fuel, this could cause an injection system to malfunction and clog the filters. The outcome will be low fuel efficiency.

Before deciding on a specific Duramax diesel fuel additive, it's best to keep in your mind a few important considerations.


Diesel fuel additives are intended to perform a wide range of functions. Not all diesel additives are meant for Duramax engines, but only a few can fulfill the needs of your Duramax V8 engines.

Make sure your chosen diesel fuel additive is compatible with your Duramax engine and will provide you with smooth and pleasurable ride quality.


A high-quality diesel fuel additive should minimize fuel leakage as well as meet environmental regulations. Because of this, the chemicals employed to produce the solution should have a minimal ecological impact.

It should be made sure that the additive you’re going to use is entirely safe, alcohol-free, and EPA approved.


When you use the best fuel additives, it’ll help improve the lubricity properties so that you have a smooth and hassle-free performance. Some of the best Duramax fuel additives have minimal sulfur content, allowing you to use the additive on non-road vehicles and diesel motor vehicles.

Make sure to look for an ingredient that can help repair some of the lubricity lost over time. It'll keep your motor running smoothly and fuel flowing without any issues.


If you're a motorist who wishes to utilize diesel fuel additives on Cummins and Duramax engines, versatility is essential. In this way, you can also save money as you’ll just need to purchase one bottle of additives to cover the engines of both brands.

Age Of The Automobile

Typically, diesel fuel additives tend to function best on old engines that have been overlooked or haven’t gotten the proper care. But your vehicle's performance won't be significantly impacted if it has a good maintained or brand-new Duramax engine.

When your Duramax engine is more susceptible to harm, it’s essential to use diesel fuel additives.

Convenience of Treatment

Make sure to stick to the recommended dosage while using diesel fuel additives. Blockage and poor filterability may result if too much additive treatment is applied. So, instead of blending or mixing the additives with diesel fuel, adding the solution directly into the cylinder is better.

However, if you want to avoid crystallizing fuel additives in cold weather, you should use them when the fuel is under the cloud. It’s wise to choose a fuel additive that's easy to put into the tank and provides the best results.

Anticoagulant Characteristics

Since diesel fuel is likely to get thicker over time or in cold temperatures, getting a fuel additive with anticoagulant features can indeed benefit your fuel system. These anticoagulant properties prevent the fuel from getting thick, immobile, and useless sludge.

It helps your fuel flow freely and smoothly throughout your engine and fuel system. Not only that, but it’ll also preserve fuel conditions so that automobiles will always start without a hitch.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should you use a diesel fuel additive in Duramax?

From preserving your fuel system free of extra water to cleaning your injectors, valves, and carburetors, the diesel fuel additive may improve the performance of your Duramax engines in many ways.

The best Duramax fuel additive ensures better fuel economy, lower emissions, and a longer engine lifespan. Poor lubricity is an issue that can arise from contaminated or inferior fuel quality, which is why most users are looking for a decent diesel fuel additive.

Is it possible to use the additive for Duramax engines in 6.7L Cummins?

For 6.7 L Cummins engines, you can use the Duramax fuel additive of your choice if it’s designed for both. If you conduct an extensive study, you'll find several options specifically intended for Duramax while still providing the best performance in 6.7L Cummins.

How often should you utilize diesel fuel additives?

If your vehicle fails to start or attain power in the winter season or needs to remove excess water and contaminants, all you need to do is add diesel additives. As a result, the fuel system can be stabilized for extended storage.

What is a diesel fuel conditioner?

All of the crucial issues can be alleviated with the use of fuel conditioners. They include cetane boosters, which are substances that assist diesel engines run in cold, consume less fuel, avoid deposits, and more. They help maintain your fuel system's moving parts lubricated and in good working order.

Is there a limit to how much diesel additive can be added?

Adding a high-quality diesel fuel additive is an essential matter. But overdosing can cause a whole new level of engine and fuel difficulties, from plugged filters to reduced engine productivity and effectiveness. If you lack lubricity, avoid over-treating.

Which diesel fuel is the cleanest?

97% minimal sulfur is included in the cleanest diesel fuels, and soot emissions are reduced by 10% as well.


Final Word

If you want to get the best output from your Duramax diesel engine, there is no better way than adding the diesel fuel additive into your fuel tank. This will increase your engine's overall performance and provide a more comfortable ride on rocky routes.

Our article includes the best diesel fuel additive Duramax to help you make an intelligent choice in the end. The fuel additive will surely help you get more power and mileage out of your vehicle.

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