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How To Use Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Additive

There are loads of videos and articles about why Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Additive is the best fuel additive. And they’re all pretty accurate. But you already know that. So that’s why you’re looking to understand how to use Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Additive. It’s because you believe in its superiority!

The first thing to remember is that you need to add the additives before filling the tank. Next, tighten the cap and keep the tank upright to let the additives do their job. Finally, run your engine for about 30 minutes to allow the additives to flow into each corner of your fuel system.

Try using the additives all year round and not just in any particular seasons. This will keep your engine running smoothly throughout the whole year.

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The actual process of using the Standyne diesel fuel additive is pretty straightforward. You can do it yourself. But be sure to check the user’s manual for any specific instructions.

Here are a few steps to get you up to speed:

Step 01: Mix It

Do you know how there’s an optimal time to take your meds? Well, additives are the medicines or the vitamins of the engine. So, of course, there’d be a perfect time to mix the additives.

An ideal time is before filling up the tank. Then, when the fuel level is low, and there’s only a tiny amount of it in the tank, you should mix the additives.

That way, when you pour the fuel, the additive will mix with the fuel and run evenly throughout your engine’s fuel system. Otherwise, if you combine the additive after pouring in the fuel, the fuel may not mix with the whole volume.

The optimum composition should be around 500 mL of the Stanadyne additive into 250 Liters of fuel.

Step 02: Keep It In the Tank

The next most important thing you need to do is keep the fuel additives in the tank. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, if you were expecting a but, there aren’t any. It is as easy as it sounds.

After you load the fuel tank, tighten the lid on it. Once you’ve made sure that the cap has sat tightly, keep the fuel tank upright. That way, the additives won’t have any problem flowing with the fuel evenly.

If the tank is tilted, the additives may sit in one corner of the tank and won’t be able to do their job correctly.

Step 03: Let It Flow

Once you’ve put the additives into the fuel tank, half of your job’s done. All you need to do is make sure that the additives run through your whole system, fix any problems, lubricate, and do other jobs.

The best way to do that is to keep the engine running for about 30 minutes or so. You’re good to go if you have mixed the additives with the fuel according to the instructions.

As the engine runs, the fuel will run through the whole system. And since the additives are evenly mixed with the fuel, so will the fuel additives.

When the additives run through or rather flow through the entire system, it’ll have ample time to lubricate and tear down any sludge deposits or buildup within the system.

Storing Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Additive

While storing the additives isn’t exactly a part of the usage process, it’s no less essential to know about. Also, since you’ll have to use this product throughout the whole year, it’s best to keep it in the best condition so that it can provide you with the best service.

One of the key selling points of the Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Additive is that you can keep it at room temperature, and it won’t go bad. To be even more specific, keep the additive within (-)18-degree Celsius to 40-degree Celsius.

Final Words

Diesel fuel additives are prime concerns for engines. With time, your engine’s condition is going to deteriorate. It’s a natural process. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to give up on it right away. By using Stanadyne diesel fuel additives, you can prolong the life of your engine significantly.

The only hurdle you’ll have to pass is knowing how to use Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Additives. Pick whatever variant you want of this product and keep your engine and car running as smooth as butter!

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