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Best Intake Manifold for Vortec Heads – [2024]

As engine technology advances, so many better options are becoming more available. One such technology is the Vortec heads. Designed towards greater power output and torque, with a quicker response time, the automotive aficionados are leaning towards Vortec heads more and more. And it can do all that while improving your car's fuel economy!

But to get the best output possible, you need to pair up your Vortec heads with the best intake manifold for Vortec heads. With such a vast market, getting the best product can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. That's where we come in.

We've come up with our list of the best intake manifolds for Vortec heads. Granted, a few may have skipped our eyes. But we assure you that the products on this list are the best of the bests and they'll impress you!

In a hurry? Check these 3 beasts, Get one and you're all set!

Best Intake Manifold for Vortec Heads Review

If you're curious about how we came up with the list of the best intake manifolds for Vortec heads, we suggest you look at the buying guide section. You should have a comprehensive idea of how this list came to be.

We've considered all the best names out there, and only these few have caught our attention. Even if you're not sure what to buy after going through the buying guide, we suggest choosing any of the following. Trust us, and you won't be disappointed.

1.Edelbrock 2116 Performer Vortec Aluminum Intake Manifold

Cruising in your automotive as it purrs like a kitten is the best feeling ever! But you can't always just jet off to a kingdom far, far away. Sometimes you have to wait in the traffic and hear your car idle as you wait to reach your destination.

What if you get more out of cruising and idling? That would be making the most out of your investment.

To that end, Edelbrock has manufactured the 2116 Performer Vortec Aluminum Intake Manifold. This dual-plane manifold will deliver better idle quality, enhanced air/fuel efficiency at low RPM, and an improved off-idle throttle tip-in response.

The aluminum manifold offers excellent durability, and the natural finish gives it a nice look. With its superb compatibility range, the 2116 unit is one of the best dual-plane intakes for Vortec heads.

Specialized Department

Thanks to its dual-plane design, the Edelbrock 2116 is more suited for street use. Since you'll have a better time at cruising speed and gain the most out of idling, it's better that you use this part if you're planning to spend most of your time on the road.

What Sets this Apart

  • Accommodates external water bypass to prevent any damage from heat
  • Dual-plane design improves idle-quality
  • Allows both square-bore and spread-bore intake for Vortec heads for more excellent compatibility
  • Non-EGR to improve performance


  • Enhances torque over a wide RPM range of up to 5500
  • Offers great versatility
  • Aluminum build provides excellent durability
  • Natural finish for a more pleasing look


  • No provision for exhaust-heated chokes

Our Experience With It

As expected, this Edelbrock product kept its consistency as all its predecessors. Apart from the better performance, the increase in the RPM range was a nice touch.

Decision-Making Factors

The performer series manifold offered some great features. While we would've liked the option of having to fit exhaust-heated chokes, it wasn't a deal-breaker for me. All in all, it would be an excellent buy for anyone looking to cruise the road.

2.Edelbrock 7516 Performer RPM Air-Gap Intake Manifold

The Edelbrock 7516 is another tribute to the name of Edelbrock. Apart from its outstanding durability over competitors, the intake manifold yields many other excellent features.

First of all, its unique design. The 7516 unit features Edelbrock's own patented design that allows it to deliver a performance delivered by no other.

The RPM-gap model utilizes the latest air-gap technology to perform this superb feat. If you follow Edelbrock's features, you may notice that the Victor manifolds also use this device.

Like its predecessor, the Edelbrock 7516 unit also features an external water bypass. This particular design prevents any heat buildup and protects the engine from any damage. So, it's got all sides covered when it comes to safety.

But if you need something more, you may like to know that the Edelbrock 7516 RPM Air-gap model will also help increase your power output across a wide RPM range. And it can do that through its unique design that separates the hot engine valley from the mixture cooler. If that doesn't excite you, nothing else will.

Specialized Department

Due to its compatibility range, the Edelbrock 7516 is the best intake manifold for Vortec heads suited for any model later than 1976 models that feature square-bore carbs.

What Sets this Apart

  • Patented runner design delivers enhanced performance
  • External water bypass prevents any damage to the engine
  • Separated runners offer symmetric air distribution
  • The unique design separates the cooler from the hot engine valley to increase power output


  • Increases power output and RPM range
  • Aluminum build boasts durability
  • Temp sensor boss prevents any water neck
  • Correctly angled for proper fit


  • Lack of exhaust crossover denies output enhancement

Our Experience With It

The safety features and performance enhancements were fascinating. But, we think the manifold could do an even better job if there were any provision for exhaust crossovers.

Decision-Making Factors

If you find your car's name on the compatibility list and appreciate a higher power output, this unit is the best choice.

3.Auto Parts Prodigy Aluminum Intake Dual Plane Intake Manifold

Everyone hates idling. You have to sit in the annoying traffic, and it's not only your time that's being wasted. Without a quality idling, your engine may end up damaged as well!

Thankfully, not all hope is lost. Your reliable friend, the Auto Parts Prodigy store, has brought you the best solution that you could hope for.

We introduce you to the Auto Parts Prodigy Aluminum Intake Dual Plane Manifold. This uniquely designed is a well-rounded machine that should fit all your car-related needs.

To ensure maximum efficiency, the manufacturers equipped this great product with a dual-plane design. Your engine will increase power from idle to a wide range of 6500 RPM! Moreover, it'll also improve your idle quality.

And to make the manifold last as long as you may need it to, Auto Parts uses cast aluminum to give it a solid build. Moreover, they pressure-tested this product to ensure that there weren't any leaks.

Specialized Department

With an improved power output from idle to cruising speed, this manifold is more up to speed for city dwellers, whose cars have to sit a long time in heavy traffic. All in all, it's a great addition to your parts collection.

What Sets this Apart

  • Dual plane design yields improved idle quality
  • Cast-aluminum build provides outstanding durability
  • Provision for EGR reduces throttling losses
  • Unique design to deliver more power at cruising speed


  • Increases power output
  • Long lifespan
  • No leaks
  • Boasts durability


  • Doesn't work with a 12-bolt system

Our Experience With It

We really liked the whole look of the manifold. Just as they advertised, we didn't notice any defects in the product. And the gain in power output was right up our alley!

Decision-Making Factors

The dual-plane design of this great manifold offers a tremendous increase in power output within a wide RPM range. If you're looking to cruise the streets with a little bit more comfort, this right here should be your first choice.

4.TYFYB Dual Plane Satin Aluminum Intake Manifold

The name TYFYB may not ring a bell if you're just new to the industry. But if you're an automotive parts enthusiast, and we think you are, you'll greatly appreciate the fantastic features this company's products offer.

Let's take this dual-plane intake manifold, for example. With a satin-aluminum construction, the TYFYB Dual Plane Satin Aluminum Intake Manifold will blow you away.

First of all, the dual-plane design will help you out with an increase in power output from idle to an RPM range of 5500 RPM!

TYFYB also took extra measures to ensure that their machine delivered a precise performance. To that end, they used the steel molding process to minimize core shift as much as possible.

So, with greater output, accurate performance, and outstanding durability, this intake manifold for Vortec heads has got it all!

Specialized Department

The dual-plane intake manifold features a unique design. This unique design makes it the most suitable for everyday to moderate street performance applications.

What Sets this Apart

  • Steel mold build reduces core shift
  • Four-corner water outlets for improved plumbing
  • Dual-plane design improves power output over a wide band
  • The ideal port position allows personalized porting for maximum output


  • Ensures leak-free operation
  • Supports both spread and square-bore carbs
  • Increases power output
  • Improves idle quality


  • Reports of asymmetry in thickness

Our Experience With It

We were impressed with the product's list of features. You don't get to see so many higher-end features in a product with such a price tag!

Decision-Making Factors

The dual-plane design, along with the steel molding, all lead to one answer: street performance applications. So, if you want to show some of your skills on the street, add this intake manifold to your arsenal.

5.JEGS 513003 Intake Manifold

We've seen unprecedented advancement in the technology industry in the past decade. The automotive industry has advanced along with the technology. And a prime example of such improvements is the JEGS 513003 intake manifold.

A member of the Champion series, the 513003 is equipped with the latest machining technology to deliver the best performance and quality. The first step to that was building a lighter and more consistent build. To achieve that, Jegs used a process that yielded a consistent and lighter yield.

So, what was the result? The process returned us with optimal fuel optimization and an enhanced air/fuel ratio. And all that translates to one and one thing only: more power!

On top of that, the intake manifold is quite a looker! With a black-powder coating finish, the 513003 looks as dashing as ever. And its cast aluminum build ensures that it can stay in tiptop shape for the longest time and provide you with years of service.

Specialized Department

The manufacturers recommend that this part be used for street or hi-performance. And we would suggest the same.

What Sets this Apart

  • The dual-plane design increases power output over a wide range (idle to 5500).
  • Black-powder coat finish for a pleasing look
  • The cast aluminum build ensures outstanding durability
  • Non-EGR adaptability for enhanced throttle response


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Boasts longer lifespan
  • Increases power output
  • Great range of compatibility


  • No provision for heated choke

Our Experience With It

We had great expectations from a Jegs product, and they didn't let us down. A combination of great features, a great build, and a fantastic look, the JEGS Champion Series 513003 is an excellent choice for all.

Decision-Making Factors

The intake manifold yields smoother intake runners, improved air/fuel mixture, and optimized fuel atomization. As a result, it can deliver you the amount of power you so desire!

6.Assault Racing Products PC2028BK Small Block Chevy Dual Plane Vortec Black Aluminum Intake


Assault Racing Products has persisted in the competitive industry of automotive parts thanks to their consistent performance. Another tribute to their high quality is the Assault Racing Products PC2028BK Small Block Chevy Dual Plane Vortec Black Aluminum Intake.

The dual-plane intake for SBCs features a high-rise design, and this unique design helps the intake help the engine deliver higher power at a fantastic RPM range. But if you're worried about the lower-end power output, don't be.

The manufacturers have also thought of that. That's why they equipped the aluminum intake manifold with a dual-plane design. The dual-plane design helps keep the engine alive even in the lower RPM range, unlike its single-plane counterparts.

To deliver optimum consistency, Assault Racing steel molded the manifold. This process helps reduce core shift to a minimal level. Moreover, you won't find this many fascinating features in a product as low priced as the PC2028BK. All in all, it's a winner.

Specialized Department

If you're looking to show off some of your skills, whether the standard or higher level, the PC2028BK is the best choice.

What Sets this Apart

  • High-rise design helps yield greater power at a higher RPM range
  • An open-air gap under the plenum helps deliver the cooler fuel charge
  • Ideal port positioning provides personalized porting for the highest power output
  • A dual distributor allows for the provision of increased protection against distributor rotation


  • Increases power output at the outer bound of the RPM range
  • Greater power output with cooler fuel mixture
  • Great pricing
  • Adapts to late-model HEI brackets and other parts


  • No provision for exhaust crossover

Our Experience With It

We really liked the fact that the manifold took notice of both the higher and lower ends of the RPM range. And the list of its features was fascinating as well.

Decision-Making Factors

The features at this price level were one of the things that made us love the PC2028BK the most. On top of that, the build quality was entirely to our liking.

7.JEGS Small Block Chevy 1996-2002 Intake Manifold

Jeg's most popular product line was the Champion series. Let's see why this line was so widely popular in the automotive industry. Here, we have the 350 Vortec intake manifold for Vortec heads.

The intake manifold delivers a massive upgrade over stock manifolds. With a higher flow rate, the manifold will increase your power output. From idling to a wide range of 5500 RPM, you'll see a noticeable increase in your horsepower.

Moreover, it's designed to fit any popular aftermarket square-bore carbs, such as Holley, Edelbrock, Proform, and many more.

Its black cast aluminum build helps reduce weight, and the reduced weight, in turn, yields an enhanced performance rating. Moreover, the black cast aluminum gives the manifold a nice finish, giving it a nice look.

With its excellent compatibility range, fantastic features, and fantastic build quality, this intake manifold is the one to have.

Specialized Department

If you're interested in mild racing, the Jegs SBC intake manifold could be a partner you can rely on. You can also use this to cruise in the streets.

What Sets this Apart

  • Black-cast aluminum build provides improved performance
  • Higher flow increases power output from idle to a wide range of 5500 RPM
  • Non-EGR provision improves fuel economy
  • A mounting pad helps dampen shock


  • Provides an enhanced engine performance
  • Increases power output
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Reduced oil contamination


  • Fits only square-bore carbs

Our Experience With It

After we fit the new manifold, we noticed an increase in the power output and performance. But what fascinated us the most was the improved fuel economy, and we also saw that fuel contamination was also reduced.

Decision-Making Factors

The intake manifold yields a great build that helps increase your engine's performance with a flow much higher than the stock TBI manifold for Vortec heads. And the black cast aluminum manufacturing ensures that it'll provide you excellent service for years on end.

8.JEGS Small Block Chevy 1996-2002 AirGap Intake Manifold

Vortec heads are all the rage now. But just fitting a set of Vortec heads won't yield the results you're looking for. You need the perfect intake manifold that will adequately support your set of Vortec heads. And where best to look for them, other than a reputed store like JEGS?

A fine choice would be JEGS SBC AirGap Intake Manifold, a member of JEGS' ever-popular Champion series. The manifold features a cast aluminum build that boasts more outstanding durability.

But that doesn't come at the cost of greater weight. Instead, the cast aluminum ensures a lightweight build that will deliver enhanced performance.

Now, every one of us wants to race a little bit. Even if we may or may not ever do that, it's nice to have the option. That's why the AirGap manifold increases your power output from 1500 to 6500 RPM.

Moreover, the air gap design helps you install an equalizing notch right under the manifold divider. That way, you can even install a nitrous booster for racing applications.

Specialized Department

According to the manufacturer's handbook, the JEGS SBC AirGap Intake Manifold is the best intake manifold for 5.7 Vortec for street or mild race applications.

What Sets this Apart

  • Higher flow increases power output from to wide range of 1500 to 6500 RPM
  • Cast aluminum build reduces weight for enhanced performance
  • The air gap helps install equalizing notch under the manifold divider to add nitrous injectors
  • Mounting pad dampens shock


  • Lightweight
  • Increases power output
  • Great range of compatibility
  • Greater flow


  • Fits only square-bore carburetors

Our Experience With It

We liked the air-gap design. There's no racer among us here, but the option of going 0 to 100 in a flash just fascinated us!

Decision-Making Factors

The unique design, coupled with loads of features, points to a more expensive price tag. But, the price is much lower than you expect and we can say with certainty that it's well worth the price.

Things to Consider Before Buying An Intake Manifold for Vortec Heads

Finding the right intake manifold for your Vortec heads can be pretty challenging. That is, only if you don't know what to look for. Just take a note of the following factors, and you'll definitely end up with the best possible purchase you need!

Brand Value

Picking a product with good brand value should get you to a great start. The brands that have earned their name and fame in the market have done it through years of experience and consistency.

Time and time again, people have relied on these brands because they deliver on their promises. If you end up buying a nameless product, chances are you may be getting the short end of the stick just because you wanted to save a few bucks.

Obviously, there are some exceptions to this. However, your chances of finding out that diamond in the rough is slim. Moreover, with reputed brands, you're sure to get good customer service and any other help you may need.

A Good Fit

When buying an intake manifold, you need to keep in mind that you're buying the parts for your engine. So, it's going to be a waste of your time and money if you end up buying something that doesn't suit your machine at all.

When shopping for a product, check its compatibility list. If your engine type's name is not in it, you're better off looking for another product cause it's just not going to fit.


Your intake manifold should have all the helpful features you may need.

Now, there are a lot of products in the market that offers a lot of luxurious features that hardly come by any help at all. You need to choose what features you need and make sure that the set of heads you buy do offer them.


Going shopping can be fun for some and a chore for others. But we think we can all agree that going back to the store just because a few parts are missing is pretty irritating.

So, when shopping for an intake manifold for your set of Vortec heads, make sure that the package includes everything you may need. Otherwise, you'll have to go back and forth to the store for something as minimal as a bolt!

Check the Condition

While every seller out there shouldn't be trying to pass off a damaged item as merchandise, nobody can foresee if there'll be an accident. So, it's best that you check the set of heads yourself to see if there's any damage to it.

If the intake manifold is damaged, you'll be getting ripped off whether the seller wanted to do that or not. And you'll have a pretty rough time fitting the damaged parts to your engine.


Indeed, you aren't going to the market for intake manifolds so that you can do that again next year. While as much fun as you may have shopping for it, it's not worth it if the intake manifold breaks apart just the year after.

So, make sure you pick a durable product that will give you years of service before falling apart. After all, reliability and durability go hand in hand!

Cost and Benefits

Your budget will play a massive role in your choice of intake manifolds. However, that doesn't mean you'll have to jump at the cheapest product possible. Remember, you get what you pay for.

When buying an intake manifold for your Vortec heads, go for the most efficient rather than the lowest price. So, weigh up all the benefits against the cost of your product and see if it's worth it.

If you're having difficulty deciding, you can always take professional advice. And if the benefits end up being greater than the cost, there you go! You have a new intake manifold in your hands.

Customer Reviews

In recent times, most automotive parts are shopped online. While that gives you the advantage of getting the products from a faraway place, it takes away your chance of getting the feel of the product itself.

You can't exactly get the feel of the product itself, and all you have to go on is its image. So, what do you do to check the product's reliability? You turn to the customers before you.

Check the customer reviews on the product to see their experience with it. Whether they liked it or not, what benefits the product offered, and its flaws, you can learn from customers' reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any benefits to changing our intake manifold?

While most people are satisfied with just setting a set of Vortec heads, you should trade in your OEM intake manifold for an aftermarket one. Aftermarket parts with longer runners can deliver more air and fuel to the combustion chamber.

That means there'll be a higher proportion of air and fuel ratio, and hence you'll see a boost in your engine's power output and torque.

Can an intake manifold be damaged?

Like all engine parts, an intake manifold can also be damaged. While you can drive your car if the damage is minimal, that is, only for a few months, you should replace your damaged manifold as soon as possible.

A broken intake manifold won't have the best air to fuel ratio and thus can create several problems. You may notice a sudden drop in your power output, there may also be sudden misfires, and your engine may stall abruptly.

Why's my intake manifold damaged?

If you see symptoms of a damaged intake manifold, the primary cause behind this may be an overheating issue. Due to the excessive heat from your engine, the manifold cylinders may expand and loosen the seal.

However, this can only happen if your engine overheats. Your intake manifold should be able to stand the normal heat of your automotive engine.

Should I choose a bigger intake manifold?

While a larger manifold will provide a better flow, it'll only do so at higher engine speeds. But when running at a lower engine speed, your cylinders fill up at a slower rate.

Final Words

With a great set of Vortec heads, all you need to reach the apex is to choose the best intake manifold for Vortec heads. While the task may seem daunting, you shouldn't have to worry about the shopping part after going through our detailed instructions.

Just make sure that you choose a product that fits your other parts. You should also consider whether the feature they offer is worth the price. And if you're still not sure what to do, just pick one from the list of the best intake manifolds for Vortec heads, and you should be in good hands.

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