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How To Make Your Number Plate Invisible To Cameras

A large bunch of the young generation has a bad habit of speeding up while driving. Hence, they often get caught for this and get a speeding ticket or penalty.

However, you can avoid getting into trouble by installing camera blockers on your vehicle. Number plate blockers are extremely helpful in this regard as they can disguise the number plate from the cameras.

The most effective way of making your plate number invisible to cameras is by using PhotoBlocker spray. These sprays coat your entire number plate, and whenever a camera tries to click a picture, the reflective property of the spray ends up overexposing the image. Hence, you can get away without being recognized.

License plate blockers and sprays don't actually conceal the plate. Their function is to hide the plate from the cameras. But knowing a thing or two about how to make your number plate invisible to cameras in 2022 won't really hurt. But be cautious as it's not legal in many states, and you can get in major trouble while trying to pull one off!

How To Make Your Number Plate Invisible To Cameras

Hiding the number plates from cameras is not a big deal. But what you've to keep in mind is that it's illegal in a lot of states, and only you're responsible for this.

There are several solutions to this that'll help you disrupt the visibility of a plate scanner. It does this in such a way that only the plate remains invisible or blurry to the camera.

You can go through this discussion and get to know about how to make your number plate invisible to cameras in 2021:

Reflective Tape

A reflective tape is a useful material that can be used to make a number plate appear to be invisible. You'll only need to apply the tape to the license plate.

However, the reflective tape only works against roadside photo-radar cameras. That's because these cameras use high-intensity flash to tag the number plate, and the flash bounces off the number plate.

How To Use Reflective Tape?

Simply get a roll of reflective tape to cover your license plate. You can find it in any online store or your nearby grocery store. Cover the number plate with the reflective tape entirely.

You can either cover the registration number of the plate or the parts without it. Both will work the same as the flash will get bounced off the plate and blur the image.

How Does Reflective Tape Work To Conceal Your Number Plate?

As soon as the flash lights up, the number plate also gets illuminated. Then the traffic camera instantly freezes the image of the number plate.

However, the camera's sensors will get blurred or bleed light when you use the reflective tape. This will surround the plate identifying numbers and letters.

This makes the plate unreadable. The plate will look like a fuzzy white rectangle because of the reflection.

PhotoBlocker Spray

The most common way of covering the license plate from cameras is by using PhotoBlocker sprays. This is undoubtedly the best anti-camera license plate cover to date.

A photo blocker spray covers your vehicle's number plate and prevents it from getting detected by cameras. Unfortunately, photo blocker sprays are illegal in most states that use road cameras to check for tolls and violations.

For example, California has a special law for PhotoBlockers that makes it illegal to use. Because then it'll get more challenging for the cameras to click a picture of the number plate. In these states, all sorts of PhotoBlocker products are banned from being applied to your plates.

How Does Photo Blocker Spray Work?

Let's assume that you applied PhotoBlocker or something similar to this product on your number plate. If a road camera snaps a photo of the plate, it'll have a glare.

The stealth number plate will be more or less unreadable. So, the company will have the right to fine you if they can prove that a PhotoBlocker caused this glare.

The product manufacturer also warns that you have to be at a pretty high speed to ensure that the camera can't catch a glimpse of the license plate. This way, there'll be no sign of your plate number.

Drawbacks of Using Photo Blocker Sprays

Using PhotoBlocker is not ideal for so many reasons. Some major factors are:

  • PhotoBlocker sprays are illegal
  • They are not always effective
  • The camera operators might still capture your number plate by reducing the frame rate, provided they have proper video support.
  • As you'll be at high speed, a cop car can always catch sight of you and can be right behind you.
  • The number plate gets discolored because of the excessive use of the photo blocker spray.

PhotoBlockers may not be totally practical, but it's still good enough as it can save you temporarily. But beware of the fact that it doesn't obscure the full details!

Bike Rack

Installing a bike rack can be another solution for making your vehicle's license plate invisible to the cameras.

Some SUVs and pickup trucks use additional towing attachments that help them attach bicycles. Some of the racks are even capable of hauling heavy motorcycles.

How To Use A Bike Rack To Conceal Your Number Plate?

This is how you can use the rack to disguise your number plate:

Step 1: Get a frame that's suitable for your vehicle.

Step 2: Install the rack. See that the vehicle is capable of carrying the bike. Check the user's manual for the towing capacity of your car.

Step 3: Attach the rack in a certain way to block the license plate. This way, it'll make the plate invisible to the cameras.

Unfortunately, blocking the number plate with the help of a bike rack can cause you to get a fine. However, there's a lawful method by which you can attach the frame so that the number plate stays visible.

The last thing you want is getting caught by the police and getting accused of evading speeding tickets and tolls!

Tips & Tricks To Use A Bike Rack

You can get the assistance of a controller and let it help you in this matter. You have to set it so that it can move the rack upwards and downwards on command. This way, it can obscure the license plate whenever the vehicle approaches a camera and reveal it as soon as you cross that road.

It's the best anti-camera license plate cover to save you from getting tickets. But make sure to check what kind of vehicle is following you from behind. You definitely don't want a cop vehicle to be right behind you when applying the trick!

Reflective Substance

Another excellent method of preventing the cameras from capturing the license plate is by applying reflective substances with high-gloss and clear-coat characteristics. If you're still not satisfied with how to make your license plate unscannable, then go ahead and try this method out!

You can check out how these substances work by trying to click a picture of any street sign. You'll see that the image looks thoroughly washed out.

Most road signs are coated with highly reflective paint that bounces off any incoming light. So if you cover your plate with the high-gloss clear-coat reflective spray, it'll easily stop the cameras from clicking any pictures with flash.

However, using a number plate blocker spray will not guarantee 100% obscurity. So, it's not that you won't get caught.

Moreover, if the camera operator uses a basic negative image filter, the number plate will automatically become visible, and they'll be able to detect your vehicle.


A simple yet effective way of making the number plate invisible to road cameras is by making it dirty or greasy. But obviously, it's not allowed to drive with an oiled license plate.

Like in NZ, you'll be issued a ticket straight away for driving around with a dirty license plate. The police are always actively hunting down drivers who have dirty number plates.

Some truckers have found a clever way to disguise their number plate. They probably learned how to make your number plate invisible to cameras on Reddit.

What they do is merely design fake grease leaks on the ride. This results in the grease flowing all over the license plate. So, when the vehicle passes by a camera, the plate number can't be seen clearly!

Infrared LEDs

Infrared LEDs work out pretty nicely as they can save your number plate from being captured by the camera. Hence the chance of you getting slapped with a hefty fine comes down to nil.

The infrared LEDs are capable of shielding the number plate from red light and speed cams. Just make sure you know everything on how to make your number plate invisible to cameras in the UK.

These LEDs don't really jam the radars. It just makes it harder for the cameras to get a clear vision of the number plate.

However, infrared LEDs work best when the road camera uses flash. When the camera attempts to take a picture, the LED instantly flashes back. This flash causes the cameras to go blind, and the resultant image becomes overexposed.

Fresnel Lens

A Fresnel lens is a unique lens that allows you to view an object only when you're viewing it from a straight angle. These lenses can be used to make your vehicle's license plate invisible to the road cameras.

The traffic cameras are typically mounted on a pretty high angle. So, when it tries to capture the plate through the Fresnel lens, it obscures the number plate because of the high angle and saves your day!

Other Blockers

Besides all of the methods mentioned above to conceal license plates, various other items are specially designed to make the number plate invisible to road cameras.

Resin and acrylic reflective gels work as an excellent alternative to grease. You can use it when you don't want to deal with grease stains.

Smart number plates include sensors. These plates can detect camera flashes and then trigger the flashes located on the sides of the number plate. This makes it harder for the road camera to capture a clear picture.

License plate-flippers are unique devices that quickly rotate the plates at 180-degree angles. With this, you can easily change your number plate within seconds.

Smart glass numberplate covers help you disguise the number plate with only a push of a button. It even has two modes. So, you have the option to switch between the transparent and obscure modes whenever you need.

SiliconFish Hack (The Most Effective Method To Make Your Number Plate Invisible To Cameras)

It's understandable if you have a real knack for speeding and your adrenaline gets the better of you every time. We've been there too.

But the police obviously have much better and more serious things to do than pamper your sudden mood swings. They're more busy catching actual criminals! That's why they've assigned cameras to do that job for them.

You can see cameras popping up at every corner and speeding zones. This has made the job of the cops so much easier. All they have to do is clean the streets up rather than ticket them.

Here's where infrared LEDs come into play. You can pull off a nifty trick using the SiliconFish hack if you know a thing or two about LEDs. It's an ingenious and practical way of successfully hiding your license plate for the speed cams.

How Does the SiliconFish Hack Work?

Infrared LEDs indeed have the ability to shield the number plate of your vehicle from speed cams. Although it won't jam any radars, it'll make it harder for the cameras to detect the digits on your number plate. It's like using number plates that can't be photographed.

The Siliconfish Hack uses eight strings with six infrared LEDs of 1.5-volt each. All of these are connected in series with thirty-ohm resistors. This prevents the dissipation of too much power, eventually making it even more efficient.

Infrared lights are then mounted on the number plate cover. After that, the lights are wired into the power system. This makes sure that this will only turn on when the lights are on.

When To Use The SiliconFish hack?

SiliconFish should be considered less operational and more educational. If your state has no laws regarding making the license number invisible to road cameras, you can do it by all means.

But this will mean that the license numbers will also not be readable by the cameras inside the police vehicles as this works as a police license plate scanner blocker. This, on the other hand, can cause an entirely different issue.

Nonetheless, this particular hack only works against cameras that don't use flashes. For those kinds of cameras, there are unique flashback products. These products can effectively blind the cameras and can overexpose the clicked image.

But for those who don't use flashes, it is precisely where IR LEDs play a significant part. Most of the DIY solutions for hiding license plates from cameras are more or less false, as stated by MythBusters. So, LEDs are definitely your best bet of all!

Is Blocking The License Plate Legal?

In the majority of the states, it's not allowed to cover your number plate with anything that makes it unreadable. Doing so is punishable by law.

The name of the state, along with all the numbers, must be clearly visible to the eyes as well as the cameras. They should also be free from stickers and dirt at times. Even tinted layers covering the license plates are illegal in most states.

Although most laws say blocking, altering, or hiding a number plate is illegal, the rules don't specifically say not to use sprays or plate covers.

However, some states do allow the use of plate sprays and covers. But allowing it still means that the license plate number must be clearly visible and easily readable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does the spray last?

They'll definitely last longer if you get the best quality plate sprays. The manufacturers also state that this spray never comes off. But it would help if you remembered that because the spray is invisible, it's difficult to know when to reapply it.

Are the plate sprays waterproof?

Besides blocking red-light cameras, number plate sprays should withstand extreme weather conditions. The best quality sprays are usually weather-resistant and also waterproof.

These only need to be applied once, although it might require several coats, as this will make sure that the spray doesn't wash off.

Do PhotoBlocker sprays work?

After analyzing a lot of incidents, we got to learn that the PhotoBlocker sprays work fine. The camera doesn't have any problem clicking a picture of the plate.

However, the image gets overexposed. So, picking a highly reflective and light-colored license plate will be very helpful for most people.

Final Thoughts

Since the inception of cameras for road safety, there have been so many changes to the rules done by the governments. It's only so that people don't get away without paying the fines. Like it's prohibited to use any sorts of obstruction that covers up the license plate as drivers get away with fines and tolls.

But it's true that if you have a knack for speeding, hardly anything can stop you from doing so! So, you might as well learn how to make your number plate invisible to cameras.

Always remember to put the safety of yourself as well as others first on the priority list. Because even the most minor mistakes can end up being very costly, and you might regret them later. So be safe and drive smart!

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