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Best Supercharger for Camaro SS

If you're looking to add a bit more power to your Camaro SS, you're not alone. It's an age-old road that many people have embarked upon. There are many ways to up your power output.

You can fit a cold-air kit or aftermarket headers. And sure, that will probably yield you an increase of five to ten horsepower. But if you're looking to play in the big leagues, these minor upgrades aren't going to cut it.

The quickest way to get the biggest boost in your Camaro's power output is to pack more air into it. That's where the supercharger comes in!

If you're not familiar with the supercharger, it's an automotive part that works as an air compressor. The supercharger increases the air pressure supplied into the combustion chamber. And with more oxygen in each of its intake cycles, your Camaro will show you a power output that you've never seen before!

The problem is how do you choose which one's the best for your car. With so many brands and products in the market, you may feel suffocated by the wide variety of options available. Fortunately, we've done our research and made our list of the best superchargers for Camaro SS.

Best Supercharger for Camaro SS Product Review

We've put all the named brands through our rigorous testing process, and the following products came out with flying colors. Depending on your use, you can go with any of the following and see the results for yourself.

1.ProCharger 1GY312-P1XH Stage II Intercooled Supercharger

ProCharger 1GY312-P1XH Stage II Intercooled Supercharger is the reigning champion in LT1 Forced Induction.

The head units of ProCharger are highly efficient and can provide monstrous power that ranges from 600-1200 HP. With this high-power supercharger, charging your Camaro SS will be no big deal!

Specialized Department

This unit is specially designed for high power levels. The gain in boost is higher than its competitors. The modifications are also fully reversible, and no permanent tuning is required whatsoever.

What Sets This Apart

  • Helical gear set that helps reduce the extra noise
  • Effective with the stock engine, stock exhaust vehicle
  • The coolest charge air temperature in the industry decreases heat loss
  • Specially designed belt-drive system lets you change the belts without removing the supercharger


  • Noise reduction
  • Increased gain even at the same boost level
  • Easy installation procedure
  • Robust design


  • Whining sound can be distracting

Our Experience With It

The robust design of the supercharger, along with the dedicated belt drive system, was everything that we could look for in a supercharger. The performance was as impressive as expected from the best LT1 supercharger.

The only complaint was the constant whining sound that may be bothersome.


If you need a higher power output and extremely durable supercharger, then this is your deal. It's the best deal if you want your Camaro SS to charge up in the shortest time possible. With all the exciting features, it truly deserves its place in the list of the best superchargers for Camaro SS!

2.Edelbrock 1597 E-Force Supercharger

Don't you think that your Camaro SS isn't cutting it anymore? Do you need a bit more power without losing any of the great features that the Camaro SS has to offer?

The Edelbrock 1597 E-force is the perfect choice for you! With Eaton's sixth-gen Camaro supercharger rotors, seamless four-lobe design, quiet operation, the 1597 unit is the best choice for street applications.

Specialized Department

The supercharger kit can potentially halve your fuel expense. The supercharger comes with Edelbrock's tuner kit, which is very rich in fueling. So, the equipment is perfect for someone who's looking to get an increase in both fuel efficiency and power output.

What Sets This Apart

  • Featuring Eaton's sixth generation TVS supercharger rotors for maximum flow
  • Specially designed to be street legal
  • Seamless design to eliminate the chance of vacuum leaks
  • Equipped with the Edelbrock tuner kit to improve fuel efficiency


  • Offers a generous increase in both horsepower and torque
  • Quiet operation
  • Maximum drivability
  • Improved mileage potential


  • May get heat-soaked to suffer from a loss of power

Our Experience With It

The e-force system feels like a well-made and complete kit. Our team liked the supercharger and didn't find any particular lackings. However, we felt the instruction book could do with a bit of revision.


The Edelbrock 1597 is a perfect choice for anyone looking to add a bit extra power to the already powerful Camaro SS. It's legal in over 50 states, so you shouldn't have a problem with driving your supercharged car around every day.

3.Edelbrock EDL1598 E-Force Street Legal Supercharger

If you're looking for a reliable supercharger for your Camaro SS, the Edelbrock EDL1598 E-Force Street Legal Supercharger is the one to go with. This supercharger boosts the performance of your Camaro SS to a whole other level.

As this Camaro 2SS supercharger also includes Eaton's Gen VI TVS rotors, you'll get the maximum performance out of it.

Specialized Department

This unit has an assembly of 4 lobe designs that cover a 160-degree area of twist. Because of this, the performance increases to the maximum level and helps decrease the system's temperature. This 2010 Camaro SS supercharger kit is also famous for its excellent drivability.

What Sets This Apart

  • Easily fits under the stock hood because of the bolt-on installation system
  • Features Eaton 2300 rotor that improves its performance largely
  • An integrated bypass valve allows maximum utilization of the fuel
  • Individual runners for the cylinders ensure instant throttle response


  • Ensures maximum torque in the low end
  • Simple installation process as no welding required
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Compact design


  • Only emission-legal when used with Edelbrock tuner

Our Experience With It

We were highly impressed with the overall performance of the Edelbrock EDL1598 E-Force Street Legal Supercharger. The unique and improved design of the supercharger has also helped improve the mileage potential of the Camaro SS.


The EDL1598 will boost your Camaro's performance to a whole new level. And thanks to its compact design, it'll compliment the already clean look of your engine.

4.Edelbrock 1599 E-Force Competition Supercharger

If you're someone who gets excited by the possibility of building your own setup, the 1599 E-Force is the perfect fit for you.

The supercharger kit includes all the components you'll need to build your racing setup. And with its minimal yet seamless design, your engine will get the performance boost that it deserves!

Specialized Department

The Edelbrock 1599 E-Force Competition Supercharger was specially designed for the 2010-2015 Manual Trans Camaro SS. The seamless intake path improves the airflow within the unit and dismisses the need for a jackshaft. And the kit allows you to build your own customized setup.

What Sets This Apart

  • Suitable for racers because of the customizability
  • Low profile top makes it look cooler
  • Integrated bypass valve reduces parasitic loss
  • Efficient inlet configuration offers a seamless intake path


  • Better mileage potential
  • Doesn't require a jackshaft
  • All the installations are convertible
  • Can be customized as per the user's need


  • Needs a separate heat exchanger

Our Experience With It

We put it through extreme conditions and tried to test its flexibility with the help of our tech. And surprisingly, the Edelbrock 1599 E-Force Competition Supercharger was able to surpass all bindings and rise beyond the limitations, making it one of the best superchargers for LS3.


If you're looking for flexibility and customizability in your supercharger, then the Edelbrock 1599 is the best choice in this bundle. And the upgrade over the stock power output and the low-end torque is quite impressive as well.

5.Edelbrock 1562 E-Force Stage-1 Street Systems Supercharger 2300 TVS

The Edelbrock 1562 E-Force Stage-1 Street Systems Supercharger 2300 TVS can take a simple streetcar and take it to the next level with the help of its 12" long intake runners. This feature offers maximum low-end torque that boosts the performance of the supercharger.

Specialized Department

Specially designed for the 2010-2016 Camaro SS, this unit improves efficiency and offers the best output. Moreover, as the unit's design has been kept small, it can easily fit under the stock hood. This can radically improve the engine compartment's looks, making it the best supercharger for the 2010 Camaro SS.

What Sets This Apart

  • 12" intake runners improve efficiency
  • Better design quality offers enhanced performance
  • Doesn't include any handheld programmer, which makes the workflow a lot simpler


  • Simple installation procedure
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Compatible with various mods
  • Doesn't affect gas mileage


  • Lower power potential compared to a centrifugal blower

Our Experience With It

We tested the extreme power of this supercharger to know how much it could take. The sheer strength that this unit consists of is unimaginable. Moreover, the use of the Eaton TVS 2300 rotor makes it more efficient and reliable.


If you're not satisfied with the low-horsepower supercharger that is usually found in the market, then this unit might change your outlook on the matter. It generates so much pressure regardless of its compact size. Moreover, compatibility with additional modifications makes it extra convenient too.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Supercharger for Camaro SS

When buying a supercharger, most people tend to ask one simple question - how much does it cost to supercharge a Camaro?

However, there are several other factors that you need to consider before the price when buying a supercharger for your Camaro SS. Here's our take on it.

Know Your Engine

The first and foremost step to buying a supercharger for your engine is to know your machine. You need to find out the make and model of your car and the type, size, and manufacturing year of your engine.

Since you already know that you're driving a Camaro SS, you just need to gather the rest of the information.


You need to figure out the reason for adding a supercharger. Of course, you're looking to add a not-so-little punch to your power output, but to what end?

If you're thinking of driving your supercharged vehicle on the street, you need to keep your car street legal.

Some superchargers are designed for racing purposes, and they're not allowed on the roads. So, if you're looking to use your daily, you need to get a street package.

On the other hand, if you're going to be spending some time on the track, you need to opt for the racing package, so you don't lose out to the other racers.

There are superchargers for different applications, and you need to figure out which you want.

Pick Your Type

When installing the supercharger in your Camaro SS, you've got three options from which you can choose.

Depending on the type of supercharger, each has its own benefits. So, it would be best to determine which options are more suitable for your use.

Root Supercharger

Root superchargers are the oldest models in the market. This type of supercharger uses the most basic concept of superchargers. They stuff the intake manifold with loads of air to deliver more air to the combustion chamber.

Relatively speaking, root superchargers cost less than the other models in the market. However, in no way are its gains something to scoff at. In fact, root superchargers are more popular amongst racing models.

But due to its large proportions, the root superchargers are usually fitted on top of the engine.

Centrifugal Supercharger

The more advanced version of the root supercharger is its centrifugal counterpart.

Primarily used for racing applications, the centrifugal supercharger uses a powered impeller that draws in air at super high speeds. It can even reach as high as sixty thousand rotations per minute!

As the powered impeller draws in air at high speeds, the system converts it to high-pressure air and pushes it through the system. The system within this supercharger is very efficient.

However, the centrifugal supercharger is priced very high and isn't popular amongst the general population for that reason.

Twin Screw Supercharger

The twin-screw supercharger has a pulling mechanism that pulls air through the lobes. As the air gets sucked in, it gets trapped inside the rotor housing. After trapping the air inside, the cone-shaped taper inside compresses the air.

While the twin-screw supercharger offers quite the gain, they aren't very street friendly. They produce a lot of noise and aren't the cheapest ones in the market. Moreover, they aren't considered street legal in all the states.

Installation Options

How you're going to install your supercharger depends entirely upon the type of your supercharger.

For example, if you're thinking of fitting a root supercharger, you'll need a special cut-out hood to mount the supercharger on top of the engine. Moreover, you'll need a bigger space to install the root unit.

On the other hand, if you're set on a centrifugal supercharger, it's best to leave the installation process up to the professionals since they have a very complex installation process.


Last but not least, you need to consider how much you're willing to spend. Once you've checked off all the other factors from your checklist, it's time to go through the stores to get the best price.

Depending on your engine type, you'll need to spend from 2500 USD to up to 10 grand to get an aftermarket supercharger. However, don't jump at the lowest price you can find. Remember, you get what you pay for!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any risks to supercharging my Camaro SS?

The basic concept of superchargers is forcing more air and fuel into the cylinder. Whenever you forcibly perform a function, there are certain risks involved. However, the modern superchargers are so fine-tuned that you can go over thousands of miles before coming face to face with any problems.

Can I supercharge my Camaro SS without any help?

The installation process mainly depends on the type of supercharger you've decided to use. If you've got a decent amount of mechanical expertise, you should be able to handle the installation process of root and twin-screw superchargers.

However, if you're going to fit a centrifugal unit, it's best to leave the installation process up to the professionals. These units are infamous for their complicated installation process.

Can I supercharge and turbocharge my car?

While it may surprise you, you can install both the upgrades in your car. Both the concepts have their uniqueness, but there's no such condition that one can't coexist with the other.

Which is better: turbo vs. supercharger?

Both the upgrades yield a significant increase in power output and feel great. It's totally up to the driver which to use. While many like the power and torque delivery of the turbocharger, the supercharger has its own fan base due to its reliability.

Can I drive my supercharged car on the street?

Different superchargers have different applications. While they all offer an increase in the power output, their range varies. Just as there are superchargers especially designed for racing, some models are made for the street.

If you're looking to drive your supercharged car daily, you need to go for the street-legal version.

Final Words

Since it came out, the Camaro SS has been a beast on the street. And if you're looking to boost its power even more, there's no better way to do that but to install a supercharger.

When supercharging your Camaro SS, you need to make sure to use that extra horsepower for what you're going to use. If you're just looking to get a kick to your daily driving, choose a unit that's street-legal in your state. And if you're thinking of dragging your Camaro down to the racing track, choose accordingly.

Make sure to do your research before jumping at the first one that you see. If you don't know where to start, use our buying guide as a reference. And if you're still undecided which to go with, choose any from our list of the best superchargers for Camaro SS. You won't be disappointed!

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