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How to Remove Vinyl Stickers from Car Paint – Super Easy !

Vinyl stickers are also known as decals. Mainly, they are used in designing vehicles from a different angle. Well, the thing is, designs are needed to change now and then. But when it comes to removing the decals, it is not as like removing paper stickers. Sometimes wrong methods can demolish your car design and pull off some paints. Even some adhesive residues may be left behind. Therefore, do you want to know how to remove vinyl stickers from car paint?

How to Remove Vinyl Stickers from Car Paint

Follow these steps that we are going to discuss in this article. It may make the removal job for you.

Clean the Surroundings

The first step of removing decals from a car is to wash the area. Well, cars are not household materials.

If it goes out, dust and debris will get attached to its surface. Hence, clear the surrounding area of the stickers because the dust will stick to adhesives while you are removing decals. Some of them might make a scratch on the paint surface.

Use soap water to clean the surface. But do not wash aggressively, or else paint coating might get damaged. You can use a soft scraper or bristle brush for the job.

Heat and Peel

When you are done with washing, do not pull the stickers off immediately.

As we know, vinyl stickers use stronger adhesives compare to others. If you start peeling, it will shatter into fractions. Then removing will be more time-consuming and arduous.

It would be wise to use a heating source like a heat gun or hairdryer to remove decals from a car. Adhesives will get softer with proper heat, and you can peel them off without a sweat.

Heat guns produce tremendous heat compared to hair dryers. Therefore it will be a wise decision if you use a blow dryer because overheating may damage the car paint or vinyl covering.

While peeling, you can use a razor blade or sharp plastic cards. The term ‘Heat and peel’ is used because peeling should occur right after heating is complete.

If you do not do that, the glue will start to get hard again. This should be a simultaneous process. 

Suppose you do not have any of these heating materials. What will you do? Hot water could be an alternate option.

However, it will be a messy procedure but effective. Get a towel and soak it in hot water. Then lash it with the decal’s surface. This method will distribute the heat evenly. After that, use a plastic card to peel off the sticker.

Remove the Adhesives

After you remove the sticker from the surface, you would notice some traces of adhesives

Because of using solid and thick glue, they do not get off along with the decals. You have to use an adhesive remover to give it a smooth look.

A clean rag or cotton cloth will be appropriate for the job. If you do have any of these removers, you can use a heat gun. It will loosen up the adhesives, and you can scrape them off.

Washing with soap water might not be a solution to remove these adhesives because the applied glue is strong. You can also use vinegar-soaked with a cloth and then rub it to the surface. The adhesives will come out gently.

Using rubbing alcohol might not get good results in the removal process. But a commercial degreaser will help to soften the glue and detach it from paint coatings.

Finishing Touch

When all the adhesives are removed, you have to wash the car for a final time. Because there might some adhesive removal product left over the surface.

Sometimes removing decals might get messy.  You have to wash the car to give it a good look. A good car washing service can do the job for you. Well, cleaning a car in the garage is not recommended. 

Waxing is necessary after you wash the car. It creates a layer on top of your car paint that protects the paint. If you do not get your car waxed, the color will get faint in the long run.

Another advantage of waxing is that further decals removal will be easy.

Because having a wax layer will prevent the adhesives from creating a solid bond with the paint surface. Therefore do the job if you want to preserve your paintwork.

An Alternative of Heating

Imagine you do not have a heating gun or hairdryer. Then how will you remove decals from your car? An eraser wheel is an answer for you.

It is proved as an efficient and less time-consuming removal method. You can also use it to remove adhesive, and paint coatings will not even get scratched.

First, you have to get a hand drill to attach the eraser wheel. The drill will give enough speed for the task. You have to put the eraser with the decals.

The minimal speed will pull off the stickers in an instant. It will also loosen up the adhesives on the paint coating. The eraser wheel can be applicable for window stickers.

Some Recommendations

Let us tell you tips before and after you get a sticker on your car. First of all, try not to attach the decals to paint coating areas.

There are other options like the rear window to place the stickers. It will be easy for you for further replacement of the decals.

Let’s say you want to put them on the bumper but do not want to break a sweat while changing it.

Then using a bumper magnet is the suitable choice. It will save you from the trouble of adhesive cleaning.

But somehow, you use stickers on your car’s paint and want to make a replacement. Keep it in mind to wax your vehicle before using a new one.

Final Words

We hope after reading the article, you will know how to remove vinyl stickers from car paint. Always be careful during the procedure, or else paint coating might get damaged. Good luck with those stickers!

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