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How To Make 5.7 Hemi Faster – The Ultimate Easy Solution

One of the most popular engines of today, the 5.7 Hemi engines are sported in the Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep vehicles. It has several notable differences from other machines in terms of the combustion chamber. But at the end of the day, the Hemi is still a computerized, modern engine that pulls fuel and air into its combustion chamber and then ignites the mixture with a spark.

As a result, there are several ways to increase the power output of the 5.7 Hemi engine and squeeze out the extra grunt from it.

Feeling that your beloved beast is a bit underpowered? Want more revs from your 5.7 Hemi engine? Keep reading this article to know how to squeeze out those extra units from your engine!

How to make 5.7 hemi faster

We can get more power output from the 5.7 Hemi engine by making some performance tunings or doing upgrades and make our 5.7 Hemi faster. First, we are going to talk about how we can squeeze that extra power from our engine with some performance tuning.

Replacing the Air Filter

We can install a new washable, high-flow air filter and take out the old restrictive factory filter. Doing so will increase our 5.7 Hemi HP.

Replacing the Air Intake

If we add a cold air intake, the intake will eliminate the box and collect the air directly from the inner fender well using a large air filter.

We all know that the air in the fender well is much cooler than that in the stock airbox. Thus, installing a cold air intake instead of the stock air filter and air intake box will deliver cooler air to the engine.

And this more extensive amount of cooler air will increase the efficiency of the combustion chamber. And this increased efficiency will, in turn, deliver us more horsepower.

Replacing the Stock Exhaust

To reduce the engine backpressure, we can install a stock exhaust with a larger diameter. We can also install a less restrictive muffler that will reduce back pressure as well.

This will allow our Hemi engine to expel the waste gasses that will, in turn, improve torque production at lower RPM range, improving drivability and overall response.

Reducing Engine Weight

If we replace the iron flywheel with an aluminum one, it will reduce the engine’s weight. This reduction of weight will allow the engine to rev faster that will, in turn, transfer power to the rear tires faster.

Doing so will not only increase the power output but also the delivered torque of the engine.

Resetting the ECU

The ECU has some restrictions put on by the manufacturers. It is the brain of the Hemi engine.

The Electronic Control Unit decides how much fuel, air, and spark are delivered to the combustion chamber. By flashing the ECU, we can remove these restrictions and thus increase the engine's power output.

Optimizing the Ignition Timing

We can use an engine control unit tune-up to advance the ignition timing and optimize the fuel-air ratios. Doing so will reduce turbo lag and create a flatter and broader powerband giving us improved drivability and improved fuel economy.


Besides these useful performance tuning, we can also increase our engine’s horsepower and make it faster through some easy to do 5.7 Hemi upgrades.

Installing a Throttle Body Spacer

The throttle body controls the fuel-air ratio of our combustion chamber. Installing an aftermarket throttle body spacer can help to direct the flow of air into our engine’s throttle body.

This direct flow of air will improve the fuel to air ratio by providing a more natural and smoother path to the engine’s intake system for the airflow.

This will create forceful turbulence that will burn more efficiently. Many spacers include innovative bore designs that can eliminate unwanted whining.

Installing a Custom Tuner

Tuners can help us tap into our engine’s raw potential. If we do not want to get our hands dirty but still enjoy that extra power output from our machine, this is our go-to.

With an all-in-one tuner, we can optimize all the upgrades in our vehicle just by tapping a button. Tuners can also give us the ability to modify our engine’s ECU, speed limiter, DTC reader, and rev limit as needed.

Upgraded Interlooker

This option is limited to those of us who have opted for the diesel option on our Hemi ram. An upgraded interlooker can cool the powerplant down with much more efficiency at the snap of a finger.

They compress the incoming air to improve the combustion chamber’s efficiency helping our system run more efficiently.

It does so while keeping the engine’s exhaust gas temperature at a safe level. Also, the longer-lasting boost can help us prevent blowouts and leaks.

Replacing Tailpipes

We can revitalize our tailpipe system with a fresh set of headers if we are using a gas-driven system or if we are using a diesel-driven system. A high-flow downpipe is the answer.

These simple changes can ensure a smooth flow for our exhaust gases.

This will increase the efficiency of our exhaust and whole engine that will provide more torque to improve our drivability. This will also increase the engine’s power output and keep its EGT at a low level.

Introducing Forced Induction

By introducing our engine to forced induction, we can give our engine the extra punch with a compressed air blast.

We can do so by installing a supercharger( for a diesel-driven vehicle) or a turbocharger (for a gas-driven car). 5.7 Hemi with Superchargers and turbochargers can increase our torque and powerband across the RPM range.

Meth Injection System

We all know that the cooler the air, the better the combustion. With the help of a meth injection system, we can deliver ice-cold water into the combustion chamber leading to better combustion efficiency.

It ensures an increase in our 5.7 Hemi horsepower and torque and improves our mile per gas up to a staggering 30%. It also decreases our engine temperature up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also, performance cams for 5.7 hemi increase horsepower and accelerate your car more quickly.


We all love that excellent kick when we put our foot on the peddle. Nothing gives a more satisfying feeling than that sweet purr our Hemi 5.7 engine does. And what better way than to increase the horsepower and torque to better enjoy driving a vehicle with that beast under the hood. So, follow these instructions to make your engine more powerful and faster.

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