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Best Cam for 5.7 Hemi Challenger – [ Top 5 Picks ] Reviews & Buying Guide

The Dodge Challenger is one of the newly redesigned American muscle cars. But you can call it more of a time capsule than a muscle car. All three versions of the Dodge Challenger are burnout machines with a cozy interior. Many people like the old-school performance and style that the Challenger thrives on. And one of the integral factors that contribute towards the extreme performance of the 5.7 Hemi cam is its camshaft.

The Challenger’s camshaft is no applauded hero. With their rigorous camshafts, American muscle cars have always been an icon to hotrodders. The camshaft is more than a simple gear in the car’s engine. It is what dictates the muscle car’s performance all across the powerband. It does so by controlling the valves. The camshaft sets the ratio of air and fuel in the mixture. By doing so, the camshaft dictates the combustion engine.

In a hurry? Check out our top 5 bests below. We assure you , you won't regret using these amazing cams.


With the wide variety of camshafts out there, it is tough to know which one to pick. There is a vast difference between knowing what a camshaft is and what a camshaft does. And by understanding both, you can know which camshaft is the best cam for the 5.7 Hemi Challenger. And to help you out, we have presented some of the best camshafts for 5.7 Hemi Challenger. We have also prepared a concise discussion about them and their features.


If you are looking to transform your Dodge Challenger into a beast, this particular product of Comp Cams is for you. Comp Cams dyno-tested camshafts are sure to give your Hemi 5.7 cam engine the boost you have been looking for.

Its remarkable features secured its place in our list for the best camshaft for 5.7 Hemi Challenger. Comp Cams has built this camshaft with the modern Hemi engines in mind.


They have designed this hydraulic roller cam to take advantage of the fourth-generation cylinder heads. To be more specific, this camshaft makes the best use of the high lift airflow that the Gen IV cylinder heads have to offer.

As a result, the HRT stage 2 cam offers the best HP of any roller cam. This HRT camshaft will improve the performance of your third-gen Hemi Challenger. It not only guarantees a superior horsepower but also better torque over the stock. And you do not even have to replace the valve springs.

The cam runs best from 3000 to 7000 RPM, which is the sweet spot for your 5.7 Hemi Cammed. And if you are hoping to install the camshaft yourself, Comp Cams offers all-inclusive kits for that as well.

The CK-kits contain a camshaft, pushrods, phaser limiter. It also includes Beehive springs, steel retainers, seats, seals, and locks. In contrast, the MK-kits include all these and drop-in performance lifters. This is one of the best 5.7 Hemi upgrades for your cammed 5.7 Hemi.

Compatible Models:

  • 2009-2019 Dodge Challenger with 5.7/6.4L

Major Features:

  • Lobe profiles feature low-shock technology.
  • Unique grinds that offer the best performance no matter the displacement.
  • Equipped with Micro Surface Enhancement (MSE) that improves load-bearing by 250%.
  • Equipped with Variable Valve Timing or VVT that improves on MPG and performance.

What We Liked About It:

The feature that caught our eye was that Comp Cams manufactured the product with specific goals in their mind. And they were able to achieve it. They allowed the camshaft to take advantage of the modern design to boost performance.

Note to Enthusiasts:

Do note that this camshaft is not designed to work with the Multiple Displacement System(MDS).

2. Mopar OEM Camshaft for 5.7 Engines HEMI CHALLENGER

If you are looking for replacement parts for your camshaft on your Dodge Challenger, Mopar has just the solution for you. Their lightweight OEM camshaft for 5.7 engines is one of the best camshafts for 5.7 Hemi Challenger. 

Best part is it directly comes from the manufacturer's ( Chrysler ) parts & service division. So , have no doubt on its quality!


Compared to its Comp Cams counterpart, the OEM camshaft is reasonably light. Mopar has designed this camshaft with the base design of COMP series camshafts in their mind. But, they have slightly tuned the cam timing. They have done so to increase low-end torque.

As a result, if you fit this OEM part in your engine, it will rid your 5.7 Hemi challenger of its lazy driving and give it more drivability. And they have done so without sacrificing any power from the high-end.

Because of its lighter weight, you can easily handle the camshaft by yourself. Plus, it puts less of a strain on your load. And thanks to the VCT calibration, the OEM replacement part has more outstanding durability as well.

Compatible Models:

  • 2009-2019 Dodge Challenger with 5.7L

Major Features:

  • Lightweight camshaft, so easy to manage.
  • VCT Calibrated.
  • Modified cam timing.
  • Lightweight camshaft, so easy to manage.
  • VCT Calibrated.
  • Modified cam timing.

What We Liked About It:

Mopar’s replacement part gives the engine durability with its lightweight structure and VCT calibration. And this is what peaked our attention.

Note to Enthusiasts:

This model is only suitable for 5.7L engines.

3. Geluoxi 5.7 Hemi cHALLENGER Engine Camshaft for 2009-2018 Dodge

Is your camshaft worn out? That can cause you to have a significant decrease in engine power. It can also deteriorate your fuel consumption.

If you face such a problem, replace your worn-out camshaft with this particular OEM camshaft. Geluoxi’s camshaft is specifically designed for your Dodge Challenger. 


This is one of the best camshafts for the 5.7 Hemi Challenger. It showcases its features with the 5.7 Hemi Challenger. Due to its sturdy build, this camshaft will allow you to operate smoothly, even on bumpy roads. It also increases your engine’s durability by providing it with protection. This tried and tested model is one of the more economical camshaft 5.7 Hemi for your Dodge Challenger.

Compatible Models:

  • 2009 Dodge Challenger with 5.7L

Major Features:

  • Fuel injectors with high flow.
  • Structured with particular applications in mind.
  • High level of durability

What We Liked About It:

This specific model will boost your engine’s performance while helping you save up on fuel.

Note to Enthusiasts:

This OEM part has been built with the Dodge 5.7 engine in mind and does not work with 6.4 engines.

4. Comp Cams Hydraulic Roller Cam for Dodge with VVT

Everyone wants a racecar with an improved MPG. And with Comp Cams VVT-equipped camshaft, your dream just may come true. 

This hydraulic roller cam will deliver a choppy sound with an operating range from 1900 to 6500 RPM. This will make you feel like you are sitting in a race car.

But the choppy sound is not the only feature this 5.7 Hemi camshaft will add to your engine. It will also provide a broader powerband. 


You may ask how it will do that. Comp Cams has fine-tuned this cam for EFI applications. This customized tuning allows the camshaft to reach a higher range without that extra airflow. And in turn, your engine delivers better performance.

It also features a broader lobe separation of 114 degrees. This will provide the combustion chamber with better vacuum production, leading to higher power output. These features ensure this product’s position on our list for the best camshafts for 5.7 Hemi.

Compatible Models:

  • 2009-2019 Dodge Challenger with 5.7/6.4L

Major Features:

  • LSA of 114 degrees
  • 218/226 duration at 0.50
  • Valve lift of 0.612”/0.605”
  • Tuned for EFI applications
  • Equipped with Variable Valve Timing (VVT)

What We Liked About It:

The camshaft allows you to reach a higher powerband without an extra airflow signal. That puts less strain on the ECU.

Note to Enthusiasts:

The camshaft requires a tune-up after you install it.

5. OCPTY HEMI CHALLENGER Engine Camshaft Kit Fit for Fit

There are only a few things that are as sad as an engine with a worn-out camshaft. And you do not want your majestic beast to turn into a tragic creature. A damaged camshaft can damage your cylinder block, connecting rods, pistons, or even the crankshaft itself!

So, it would be best if you replaced your broken camshaft as soon as possible. And OCPTY’s camshaft kit is one of the best camshafts for your 5.7 Hemi Challenger. 


With the useful feature Multiple Displacement System (MDS) built-in, this camshaft for 5.7 Hemi will improve your fuel economy. It will also restore your Dodge Challenger to its former glory. With a built-to-last feature, OCPTY offers the fit for fit camshaft at a very affordable price. So, if you want to revert your Challenger to its former glory, this is the part for you.

Compatible Models:

  • 2009-2017 Dodge Challenger 5.7L

Major Features:

  • Equipped with Multi-Displacement System (MDS)
  • Equipped with Variable Valve Timing (VVT)
  • Made to last

What We Liked About It:

This OE camshaft keeps the specs of the engine stable and is a perfect choice if you want to keep your car the same.

Note to Enthusiasts:

This particular product is mode-specific, so make sure that it fits your car.

Things to Consider before Buying a Cam for 5.7 Hemi Challenger

The camshaft is a fundamental part of the engine. Choosing it wrong will cost you dearly. So, there are certain factors you will have to consider before purchasing a camshaft for your engine.


A cam’s performance rating indicates its powerband and range of torque. So, if you are building your engine with any specific goal in mind, you should check the cam’s performance rating.


No matter how alluring the performance, if the camshaft does not fit your engine, it is useless to you. So, you have to check the compatibility of a camshaft before investing in it.


A camshaft’s duration indicates its opening in length. It is referred to in degrees of crank rotation.


Measured in inches, a camshaft’s lift lets us know how much a valve displaces from its seat. There are two types of lifts. Gross lift lets us know the significant valve displacement.

Installed Centerline Angle (ICA)

ICA refers to the relative position of the crankshaft's timing vs. the crankshaft’s position. You can measure it by the crank degrees from the TDC. At this point, the intake lobe reaches its peak.

Lobe Separation Angle (LSA)

You can measure LSA in degrees of the camshaft. The lobe separation angle displays how the intake and the exhaust lobes phase concerning each other.

While these are essential factors to consider, picking a camshaft is more than that. You will have to consider what mods you are going to use. You have to determine for what purposes you want to drive your car. These factors will count into what camshaft you wish to invest in. And that will be the best cam for the 5.7 Hemi Challenger.

Different Types of Cam for 5.7 Hemi Challenger

Depending on how they interact with the lifter, there are two types of camshafts available for 5.7 Hemi Challenger. They are as follows.

Flat Tappet

Flat tappet cams have a surface that resembles a flat plane. They have relatively limited spring load and RPM. But if you insist on using them on higher performance, you will have to sacrifice their lifespan. And with a less complicated design, the flat tappets are comparatively less expensive.

Roller Cam

The roller cam does not have to spin to decrease wearing out. Compared to flat tappets, the roller cams have a higher powerband. It can also have higher spring load tolerance. Its main advantage is its higher performance with no possibility of early engine failure.

These two types of cams have two options available to them.

Hydraulic CamsWith a lash-free valvetrain, the hydraulic cam is quiet and needs less maintenance. And the drawback is that hydraulic cams have a limited RPM range up to 6500.

Solid Cams: Solid cams sport a precise transfer of the camshaft profile to the valvetrain. This allows the solid cams to reach a higher powerband compared to that of the hydraulic cams. But you have to keep regular maintenance. Otherwise, it will be worn out. It can sometimes even cause engine damage.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

As the camshaft is an intricate part of the engine, there are many questions about it. Here we have listed some questions that people ask frequently.

How much horsepower does a cam add to a 5.7 Hemi Challenger?

The Hemi Challenger is already equipped with a higher level of power output. But you can add approximately 67 HP by adding in a custom cam and modifying the cam timing.

The Dodge Challenger is already equipped with sufficient displacement and a stable flow system. By adding a comp cam instead of the stock, we can bring out more power from the engine by modifying the cam timing. This process also increases the available torque.

Is the 5.7 Hemi Challenger a good engine?

The 5.7 Hemi Challenger is one of the newly remodeled American muscle cars. They are known as one of the most robust vehicles in the market that have set the benchmark for other manufacturers. The Dodge Challenger is blessed with ample engine displacement, a reliable induction system, and improved head flow. So, opting for the 5.7 Hemi Challenger is an excellent choice.

Can I increase the horsepower of my engine with a camshaft?

To put it simply, you can increase the horsepower of your engine by adding a camshaft. But it does not happen by merely installing a camshaft. You have to adjust the cam timing for it to work. Then, the camshaft will increase and improve the duration of the valve’s timing. The drawback might be that your car’s idle may get rougher.

How long does the camshaft last?

The camshaft’s lifespan is relative to that of the engine. Generally speaking, the camshaft is supposed to last as long as the engine. So, if you perform maintenance regularly and take proper care of it, the camshaft will live as long as the engine is complementing. So, a camshaft nowadays is supposed to last for 200,000 miles.

What is the repair and replacement cost of a camshaft?

There are some cases where we cannot help but replace a camshaft. Such as cracks in the crankshaft, thread wrecking in the mounting holes. In such cases, you have no choice but to replace your camshaft. Replacing a camshaft will cost you from USD 1500 to USD 3000. This includes labor costs and price costs.

Bottom Line

We cannot stress the importance of camshaft enough. The performance of your camshaft dictates your engine’s performance. With an optimal camshaft, your engine will soar. While with a faulty one, your engine will suffer. So, we hope that our discussion about the best cam for the 5.7 Hemi Challenger will help you pick the best parts for your car.

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